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Toronto Distillery District: Photo Tag

I was tagged by Odzer and Vamsee for a photo blog-post. Now this is a good excuse to post something on my otherwise dormant blog.

Rules of this tag are:

  1. Pick the 6th picture in the 6th picture folder
  2. Write the story behind it
  3. Pass it on to 6 other people

: Step 1 : : The Photo

Distillery District picture

So the picture posted above is the 6th picture in the 6th picture gallery of my blog.

: Step 2 : : The Story
Very simple. About 2 years ago, I visited the Toronto Distillery District near downtown Toronto. This is a heritage area which was once the largest distillary in the British empire. Today, the buildings constitute the largest and best preserved collection of Victorian Industrial Architecture in North America. Toronto Distillery District has become one of the most romantic and enjoyable destinations in the city. It is the city’s first pedestrian only village and the city’s only historic district. The area has become associated with creative thinking and expression and it’s rebirth has been dedicated to promoting arts, culture and entertainment.

Some more pictures:

You can always view the entire photo gallery!

: Step 3 : : The part where you infect others
I am not sure if you guys do tags, but my six victims are:
Amit | Anil | Anna | Linguist-in-waiting | Trisha | Mridula
Have fun! (I did!)

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  1. I love outdoor cafes and that is one thing you so very rarely find in India 🙁

    Those little statues are very nice! What is the round rock with a carving in it?

    • Aathira, I don’t know its significance, the note around it didnt say anything much except that its an old stone wheel. I am guessing they didn’t use it for vehicles, LOL!

  2. Its a nice tag..good to pick me up 🙂

    • Lakshmi, I didn’t tag you because I saw that someone else did. But hey its good to see that!, happy blogging 🙂

  3. I love old brick buildings! Nice pictures. Sounds like a great hang out place. North America (was going to say US) needs more pedestrian-only zones. They could learn more lessons from their European counterparts.

    Thanks for picking up the tag.

    • Vamsee, I haven’t traveled much and you know way better about US than I do, so I’ll take your view. 🙂 I love car-free zones esp in the middle of the city, they make the place look so different!

  4. devendra devendra

    howdie matey!!
    nice to read after a long timeeeeeee.

    • Oi, good to see you, hop over to the travel blog sometime!

  5. @ priyank : Oh this is nice and I love outdoor cafes as well. I wish we had more of those here but that is just not the case. Although I must say the weather in North India is not so good for them at least in the summer time or the monsoon time.

    • Outdoor cafes here last only for a few months of summer too… rest of the time we freeze indoors 🙂
      Indian summer in some parts is not so bad, however, we are not a big cafe culture. There are few such places along the seashore in Mumbai and Goa, I’ve seen a couple in Pune too, but I can’t imagine having them in North India 🙂

  6. Outdoor cafe….not found in India atleast. 🙂
    Will do the tag. I have another tag to do too! 🙂

    • Hi Amit, found in Mumbai occasionally! Enjoy the tag. 🙂

  7. Thanks Priyank for making me a victim of the tag wars, lol. I am honoured and I will get to work – oh boy no answer to that, lol. But I will definitely do it, I need to cheat so I can get nice 6th photo, lol.

    Priyank nice photos, I always enjoy at looking at something familiar.

    Anna 🙂

    So your blog been dormant – who is keeping your busy these days if not blogging?

    • Hi Anna, Thanks and yeah, feel free to cheat… I had the option to count horizontally or vertically and I chose the better picture. You can always re-sort the folders and get a totally different picture! Pheww!

      Who is keeping me busy? LOL Someone special for sure… 😉

  8. I love such old towns and sipping Coffee there. The people are so friendly too at such places.

    • Solilo, yeah most of such places are pretty laid back and relaxed. Maybe that’s why people are so friendly! Thanks for dropping by!

  9. Just finally caught up on the Web, will have something up this week!

  10. Hey hi nice pictures, when do we get to read you again, Pri? Been a long time…u didn’t tell me u tagged me! ok wd try. the last step is the easiest, can I do that first 😉

    • Hi Trisha, I would have told you if you didn’t notice in few days, but you did 🙂 Yes sure you can do the last step as long as you dont miss the first… hehe!

  11. Zhu Zhu

    I remember visiting and I like the district too. Lovely old buildings.

    • Thanks Zhu! Its great to walk in the distillery district especially in the summer.

  12. James James

    I was there today for the first time. I believe I read that it was brought over from england to grind up one of the ingredients. Maybe wheat. Not too sure

    • Hi James! Welcome and thanks for the input. It does look like a grinding wheel and making wheat flour might be the primary purpose. 🙂

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