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Himalayas and North India

Photo gallery and Travelogue – Part 4 of 4

Travel route


Part 1: 21 April – 24 April: Start, Mumbai to Delhi, Chandigarh, Kullu, Manali

Part 2: 25 April – 03 May: Mountain Biking Expedition – Kullu to Jalori pass and back

Part 3: 04 May – 08 May: Dharamshala, McLeod Ganj, Chamunda, Amritsar, Delhi to Mumbai

Part 4: Your Comments

Part 4 of 4

Feel free to express yourself!
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  1. Himanshu Athalye Himanshu Athalye

    Hey dude…
    Gr8 travelogue and pics…..try adding caption to the pics….it must have been a reallly memorable experience….hats off to you

  2. Shantanu Joshi Shantanu Joshi

    Fantastic travel story. I envy you man!

  3. Supriya Shankar Supriya Shankar

    hi Priyank,
    good to see your blog. the photos are indeed remarkable
    i was in the kullu-manali region last year and it brought my memories.

  4. RSK RSK

    zakass !

  5. Sandeep Badhe Sandeep Badhe

    Great Photography! Do keep sending such travel stories with snaps.

  6. Jobu Jobu

    Priyank great work buddy.
    even those who have not visited it will feel good with such mezmerising sights.

  7. Mandar Aryamane Mandar Aryamane

    The travel report is fantastic. your web site design is also good.
    Keep up posting such good reports on site.
    I shall be a regular visitor on your site.

  8. swaminath swaminath

    what a nice description man! how do you manage to do all this ??

  9. pryiank has great works soon.
    why did u shot at other friends?for me,Giri,more

  10. Kaushal Chandak Kaushal Chandak

    nice photos! some more write up expected 🙂 !!

  11. Avnish Kumar Avnish Kumar

    Very nice travel story and really good pictures.

  12. Great article … informative and well compiled.
    All the best for your new job.

  13. I envy you! I wanted to join this expedition, but it just happened at the wrong time. Probably next time..
    Good going and many nice pics !

  14. Priyank Priyank

    Dude good;job first u steal my name and then u also like wat i love to do…Travelling…Good work add mire pictures,probably work on some slide show kinda thing…Take care and God Bles..

  15. Hi Priyank, Good travelogue and photographs. I share with you a lot – travelling, trekking, nature, photography and so far one friend – Mukesh (from Chandigarh). I was also supposed to be his partner in mountain biking but something toooo urgent kept me from being there. So postponed till next season. Here I saw yr photographs and travelogue ! good work. Keep it up.


  16. Vinay Pansare Vinay Pansare

    Great Experience & offcourse nice photgraphy.
    Keep it up & if possible inform me through my mail any Trek. Because i m also interested in such activities.


  17. Impressive travelog, gr8 snaps

  18. Sushant Sushant

    Hay Man!! its really nice to read the description written by you.. also the photos are great!!

  19. Amod Date Amod Date

    great trip,
    description is great too, quite good to start a travel programe of your own

  20. prachi prachi


    Phots are mind blowing…… felt refreshed after seeing the pics and gud to have you back in mumbai

  21. Nice trip, Priyank. I surely woudl like to go on a Himalayan trek one day.
    and yeah nice photographs too 🙂

  22. Nabonita Nabonita

    Great trip !!!!!!!and nice photos both of harkidoon and of this one. would you like to join our youth hostel traveler group.

  23. shriram shriram

    hi dude,
    nice photographs.nice to c u back with expedition.i was too at saurkundi pass this year. i met there rao kaka n compony again.n dude what bout everest base camp?i am waiting for ur reply. take care.bye

  24. sharvani sharvani

    Nice pic buddy, & nicely placed …kash even i could make it… i really envy u man, gr8 job, next time do tell me in advance, PLZ
    But where r ur actualy cycleing pics.

  25. Devendra Bhatte Devendra Bhatte

    Nice travelogue. I wish I could travel to far-away places and feel the free and clean air on my face. Sigh. The pictures were really excellent. They feel like professional. Keep it up, dude.

  26. aditya aditya

    oh man ,you are lucky ! i so badly wanted to go on this trek but then there were only 10 seats per batch and i learnt of it a bit man ,really cool. what can i say. wish i was there.

    cycle on


  27. Giri Giri

    I have a complaint. This travelogue is incomplete without Gauarav’s, Ashutosh’s & my photos.

    Hope bachcha reads this & starts cribbing.

  28. Hey Priyank,
    Great album cum journal! Must have been an awesome experience! Proud to have friends like u man!I really wish I was there. Watta do, Bangalore University exams got postponed this time unfortunately! Anyways, keep the travelling spirit going! It will keep u healthy, happy and long lived! Great work!
    Best wishes,

  29. Sachin Patil Sachin Patil

    hi buddy…
    seems u hav awesome time over there…
    lucky one… excellent photography wid nice narration…

  30. Nisha Jose Nisha Jose

    Hi Priyank,
    Great Escape indeed !!! Excellent photos and a good update.
    Could not say bye as I resumed from leave on the 24th of May.
    keep in touch

  31. Madhura Modak Madhura Modak

    Phots are Really Nice!!!

  32. Sameer Chaubal Sameer Chaubal

    Hi Priyank,

    Great Job. I’ve enjoyed Himachal tour & beauty of Golden Temple by going through the travelogue. I would like to see more photographs of your tour.

  33. Venkat Iyer Venkat Iyer

    Hi Priyank,

    Beautiful . The cycle trek must have been out of the world experience. When we meet pl give more details of the cycling expedition cause I am also inetested, Best of luck and keep it up.


  34. […] This summer I had been to Jalori pass (10,500 ft) in Himachal. Our group was relaxing at the Jalori pass temple when suddenly about 25-30 people local villagers appeared. It was a marriage party and the newly weds had come to seek the blessings of the local deity […]

  35. Arunkumar Patel Arunkumar Patel

    Presently I am in my late 40’s; but you made me travel back in my early 30’s (when I took my Himalayan trek in Manali (Chandrakhani pass) organized by YHAI.
    Good work. Keep it up.
    Arunkumar Patel (USA)

  36. nani nani

    u r great

  37. Swaroop Swaroop

    Awesome pics and nicely narrated Priyank!
    Giri did invite me for this trip, now I regret not having joined you!

  38. V Abhilash Nair V Abhilash Nair

    Man wat job r u into and wat company are u working for??????????? Anyways gud one again…….

  39. martin modlin martin modlin

    Really enjoyed the writings and your pics.
    I am so looking forward to seeing the Temple and visiting the border post. I also understand what you said re. the hard working rickshaw drivers being beaten down on price for a ride,
    how mean some people are, when I travel I always pay handsomely
    to locals, not for me trying to save pennies.
    Best Wishes,

  40. ashi ashi

    you have performed this job in a quite nice way
    we all like it extremely

  41. hi!guys
    grt! it wasso absorbing tht it inspired me 2 go for Himaliyan cycling expedition on my debut mission..
    lookin 4 best wishes 4 u all

  42. Yash Yash

    Hi Priyank,

    Thanks for posting such a nice information about your exp. Just wanted to know, was the biking expedition difficult compared to Har ki Doon. I am going for Sar Pass this year and wanted to go for Mountain biking expedition too in Leh. Simply said, if some1 can easily complete the trek like Sar Pass, can he manage biking expedition ..I heard its very hard..


  43. Vaarun Vaarun

    Its really fabulous that you have actually put down your experiences. If I feel great while reading, im so certain that you will feel absolutely great when you read this sometime later.


  44. Keerthi Keerthi

    Hello, just would like to know the name of the organiser and the contact details so that I make it up..

  45. […] Mridula’s blogs about Shringi Vatika and the journey towards it refreshed my memories about visiting that place back in April 2006. It was a bicycle expedition to Jalori pass. Wikipedia stub on Shringi Rishi: Shringi Rishi was the legendary Indian Hindu saint or Rishi of sage Kashyapa ’s lineage.Shringi Rishi was great saint of the Ramayan era of ancient India.His father was great saint Vibhandak Rishi.Shringi Rishi performed ‘Putrakameshti Yajya’ for King Dashrath of Ayodhya,after that Lord Rama and his three brothers were born….A temple of Shringi Rishi, is also located at Banjar in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, in whose honour a fair is held every year in May. […]

  46. archana phadke archana phadke

    a very good read, excellent pictures…

  47. arch arch

    Du musst ein Fachmann sein – wirklich guter Aufstellungsort, den du hast!

  48. […] This summer I had been to Jalori pass (10,500 ft) in Himachal. Our group was relaxing at the Jalori pass temple when suddenly about 25-30 people local villagers appeared. It was a marriage party and the newly weds had come to seek the blessings of the local deity […]

  49. Harini Prakash Harini Prakash

    Priyank….Thats one of the best travelogues I’ve read. I too participated in the same expeditions this year (on May 10th 2007). We were four of us – Me, Kumkum(From Mumbai), Ashish and Hridesh(Both from Delhi). Our base camp was at Aut. We took the Aut-Banjar-Jibhi-Ghiyagi-Jallori Pass route. There were tents at the Banjar Camp. Otherwise we were put up in good buildings or dorms. I will send u my snaps too from yahoo…blv me- U have provided me with lots of details which I will try to incorporate in the comments for my photos!!Thanks and keep it up!!

  50. Pradnya Pradnya

    [quote comment=”18988″]Du musst ein Fachmann sein – wirklich guter Aufstellungsort, den du hast![/quote]

    Can you please explain this in English ?

  51. Pradnya: Bable Fish translation gave this result-
    “You must be a specialist – really good place of assembly, which you have!”
    (My German sucks!)

  52. Shantanu:
    Thanks man!

    Adding captions is a good idea. I’ll try to do it soon 🙂

    Good to know that, do you have pictures online?

  53. RSK:

    Sandip sir:
    I’m happy to see your comment!! Thank you:)

  54. Jobu:
    Thanks:) and yes that is the whole idea!

    Thanks for the comments! Please keep commenting!

    Oh its not much difficult! really!

  55. Ashu:
    Thanks. I will add your and others’ pics soon!

    Some more? ahh.. maybe next year!

  56. Avnish:
    Thanks, glad you liked it.

    Thanks for both!

    Me too, somehow managed to get thru!

  57. Priyank:
    Hahaha! Nice to know you.

    Oh you are a friend of Mukesh uncle. It would have been very nice to see you there too!

  58. Vinay:
    Thanks a lot!

    Good to know you liked it

    Thanks man!

    haha, yes its a good idea 🙂

    The little break felt so good, but I’m happy to be back!!

    Thanks for the compliments

    Yes, YHAI treks are quite good.

  59. Shriram:
    WOW! How was it??
    About Everest base camp, replied by email!

    Yes sure I will. Oh actual cycling pics – none clicked!

    We are going next time. Get ready!

  60. Aditya:
    Oh I feel sorry for you! Maybe next year:)

    I’m guilty of not including those pictures. I shall do it soon.

    Thanks for your compliments. I can understand the banes of being a student.. hehe! All the best

    Thanks a lot!

  61. Sameer dada:
    Thanks for comments. Yes I’ll try to post more pictures.

    Yes I missed meeting you!

    Thanks Madhura!

    Yes sir! Long time havent heard from you.

  62. Rohan:
    Wow that sounds exciting. Be sure to email link to your experiences once you are back!

    Very nice to hear from you. Thanks

    ha? ok thanks!

  63. Swaroop:
    Oh thats bad! It was lot of fun indeed!

    I’m a chemical engineer working in project management!
    Good to hear from you!

    Wagha was a very good experience indeed.
    Plight of the rikshaw drivers was very touching indeed.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks Ashi. Who is included in “we all”?

  64. Alok:
    Wow good to hear from you. All the best!

    I have replied to you by email! Thanks for visiting.

    Yes Yes I do!

    This expedition was organized by Youth Hostels Association, India ( I have emailed you further details.

  65. Archana:
    Glad to know that you liked it.

    Vielen Dank!

    I’m looking forward to reading your travelog! Hurry up 😀

  66. Hi Priyank,

    Nice travelogue, well compiled, and great collection of photographs!

    Does Jalori at 10,500 ft lie above the tree line (almost all your snaps have trees visible). Though completely a different experience than my Spiti visit, your journey has many of the same feelings and experiences! The valleys, the Buddhist culture, the ice cold weather, and so on. Biking through this region must be extremely adventuresome, yet you make it sound so simple in your travelogue!

    Anyways, do keep writing about your travels. It is an enjoyable experience to read it at leisure!

  67. Hi
    How are you ?
    today i saw your web pages
    nicely done
    thank you for participating in this YHAI programme
    you know i was in seobaug
    i was form yhai official looking after the both programme
    Family camping and Mountain Biking

    ok later i will tell you

    but this year in last of august from 21st
    we are going to organise the same programme
    in Leh Ladakh. you can check the website of yhai
    convey the message to other friends about this.
    mail me
    if you want to do any adventure programme in himalaya (mountain biking, trekking and river rafting)
    where ever you hope you will be fit and fine.
    all the best

    e-mail: [email protected]

  68. Mitul Mitul

    Hi Priyank,

    It was nice to read your adventurous journey details.

    I am participating in National Himalayan Mountain Biking Expedition-Leh-Ladakh:2007. Joining the base camp on 22nd August.

    Was eager to know hw were the bicycles? and do we have to carry our rucksack on our back or do the bicyles have carrier?


  69. Shubhangi Shubhangi

    Hey U all there,
    Nice to know abouut ur group and the Himalayan mountain biking expedition. I luv to visist himalaya and keep exploring places.

    Good to know anout people who has similar likings.

    keep going…Shub

  70. Hi

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  71. Charu Charu

    Hey Priyank,

    Very informative !


  72. Sandhya Sandhya

    Hi Priyank, A really nice and adequately detailed account of your travel experience. I am going for this biking expedition the end of this May. When did u go on the trip? It would be really helpful if you could give some tips and some good-spots-not-to-be-missed-when on this expedition.

    • Thanks for the comment Sandhya, I will send you an email.

  73. Jegan Shunmugavel Jegan Shunmugavel

    Hi all, I have done SarPass Himalayan Trekking Expedition with YHAI twice. Now i want to attend their Everest Base camp program. Whom should i contact? Is there any eligibility criteria for that? Please let me know! Thanks!

    • Hi Jegan,
      I don’t really know the criteria. You could checkout the YHAI homepage ( and find out the contact of a local branch.

      • Jegan Shunmugavel Jegan Shunmugavel

        Thanks Priyank! There is no Trekking program for Base Camp listed in their website… anyway, thanks for your reply.. i will call them via phone and let everybody know!

        • Hi Jegan, hope you get the information. YHAI have been quite friendly on the phone with me.

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