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Priyank, reflection
Ramble: Unlike the picture seen to your right, I seldom take my own pictures for the simple reason that I like to capture only the beautiful ones. The guy in adjoining picture is my reflection on a mirror that was full of some information. I started editing it out, but got bored, and left that ‘e’ alone.

Equipment: Canon PowerShot A520.
Why this camera?
The most important reason is that it has manual functions. The other reason is that it runs on AA batteries, which are not only ubiquitous, but also pretty cheap. Helped me a lot during my few travel spells where I was deprived of access to electricity 😉 Thirdly, the camera is compact enough to fit into my jeans front pocket. And finally, I somehow like the Canon brand.

I should stop writing now and let you enjoy(?) the pictures. Feel free to comment – remember, the brutal, the better.

PS: I am in the process of adding pictures. Finally I got a big server and a good plugin to work with.


  1. Raji Raji

    Good job done !

  2. Raji, Kaushal:
    Thanks! I am still working on this section.

  3. 4ginna:
    Thanks all of you!

  4. vaishali vaishali

    dear priyank,
    hello! I am Vaishali.First of all let me tell u that u have designed a very beautiful website.
    I have a personal request for u.Coming to the point. my mother is 1949 born.She doesnot know her birthdate, but her parents told her that after she was born,pola (festival of bullock) was celebrated after four days. Thus can i have a calender of 1949 (on web)so that i can know her birthdate.

    hope u will consider my request.
    thank you.
    yours truely

  5. Raj Raj

    Touch-Heart Photos

  6. priyank joshi priyank joshi

    nice pics but wats the objective of ur website

  7. Vaishali
    I investigated and replied to you regarding this. Haven’t heard anything from you.

  8. Priyank Joshi:
    Thanks for your comments. The objective of my website is written on the header of every page.

  9. kidsproblem kidsproblem

    very interesting

  10. kp:
    Welcome to my website and thanks for the comment. Thats a strange screen name you have 🙂

  11. Saurabh Pethe Saurabh Pethe

    Great job Priyank …

  12. Saurabh:
    Welcome to and thanks for commenting 🙂

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