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Thank you for interest in contacting me. The fastest way to reach me is by using the contact form below.

I love hearing from visitors and I will usually respond to all properly written messages within two days unless I am traveling. You may ask me specific queries, comment on my blog-posts, simply say ‘hi’, or offer me a drink (last one works fastest).

My electronic mail address is: mail [at] priyank [dot] com

Feel free to reach out through any social media channels as well. 🙂


  1. trisha trisha

    hi nice to discover ur page..wd come back and read it sometime rt now frantically looking for YHAI address of Pune branch.wd be asking u to help in active in orkut too and have done two YHAI treks in goa and nilgiri…expect to fly in tandem when I catch u in air sometime.till the bye.


    He Priyank,
    Hope that U R enjoying
    Dont forget the things, I told U while leavong Tecnimont

  3. priyank priyank

    my name is also priyank. i am just trying to write my name on google’s search box and then i find your website. if you have time then plz contact to me . priyank bhatnagar, engineer , dolphin process automation pvt. ltd. , gurgaon, india

  4. Priyank Deshpande Priyank Deshpande

    Hi Priyank ,I m doing B.E in I.T.your website is very inspiring to me.Rest,chat to you later.

  5. Gauri Gauri

    Hi there, Its been days since your website has shown any change. I am sure, there are many interesting things happening to you in Canada!

  6. Priya Priya

    Superb, Xcellent, Mindblowing. Being a other field expert you have done good job. But I found lil complicated your site. Rest is really COOL like canadian weather 🙂 all d best.

  7. Chandrashekhar Marathe Chandrashekhar Marathe


    Good website..keep up the good work..Wishing you all the best..

    Take care


  8. Kris Kris


  9. Prathamesh Pendharkar Prathamesh Pendharkar


    i do have some good snaps taken in dombivli itself from my n70 mobile… reply me on [email protected]… watch it & see weather u can upload any of those on your site in future…

    your collection is awesome… keep up the good work… my wishes are always with u…

    i will be waiting for your reply…


  10. trisha trisha

    love reading ur page but an no longer access any of it.keeps tkng me to wordpress wh asks for php auth whtevr is tht?my orkut let me know how I can read ths again?

  11. Prasad Kulkarni Prasad Kulkarni

    Hi Priyank,

    No Contact from U R side

    Did U forget U R old froends?

  12. Nishant Nishant

    Dear Priyank, Even though u could c there in those poems that I hvnt mentioned my name there. This is purely creative work of Cuckoo, and I hv nothing to do by this. I’m my self a lawyer and I do know the violation of Copyright Act. The two hindi Poems I hv posted is absolutely Coockoo’s and and I did posted as it is. Believe me some body edited these and changed little bit. Plz. if u have time then read my other posts and my name is there. Much to say I do not know hindi typing then how could I amend these. Now and here I’m going to delete these from my blog. I do tender my unconditional apology as I do not wish walk with all this shit.

    With regards,


  13. Prasad chikshe Prasad chikshe

    Please let me Know about Marathi speaking Isrealies In Isreal. I will be visiting Isreal In the month of March.Please send me the emails of Israli friends. I am social worker from Jnana Prabodhini Ambajogai a organisation for the development of society

  14. Mangesh Mangesh

    Everytime i read your articles , on whichever topic, i just feel something. I wonder can someone write so nice…. Anyways , next year, many new novels are publishing, and most will be too good.
    Read Dan brown’s next, Lahiri’s next …..


  15. hi Dear,
    i like , its very nice.
    Priyank’s note: Comment edited to include website address in commenter’s name

  16. priyank priyank

    hi dear priyank,

    my name is also priyank shah
    i am doing the job in suzlon
    i am trying to go australia for my future study.
    ok priyank
    bye have a nice day
    from where you are.

  17. priyank priyank

    priyank ths also a priyank . I see ur entire side
    nice work .Best of luck for the future bye…………………….

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