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Name: Priyank Thatte
Location: Toronto, Canada (unless he is traveling)
Interests: Outdoors, Travel, Sustainability, Indian Classical Music, Geeky stuff, Photography, Yoga, Sleeping

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Note: Page updated on March 01, 2011. Personality of the subject is highly volatile and is subject to change.

Priyank Thatte, born in Dombivli, a cultural hotspot of Mumbai, the financial capital of India, on a splendid rainy day, claims to have created this website as a medium for expressing his random thoughts and idle musings. Priyank created this website in early 2000 and in all the time it existed, it has served no useful purpose to the world, other than to entertain himself. A true Leo and classic INTJ to the core, Priyank believes that he is a perfectionist, systematic and an intricate planner, while being fecundly intuitive and passionately creative at the same time. He uses adjectives quite liberally (as you just saw) and lectures people on the finesses of English grammar, such as the Oxford comma.

Routine stuff: Priyank completed his master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from the somewhat known Schulich School of Business, and is now leading the life of a working man. He loves strategic social-sector stuff and did some freelance work and other interesting things that barely paid the bills but kept him going thru the recession nevertheless. Now that he has finished his capitalism-inspired degree, he decided to work in the public sector, for the greater good, rather than working for a private company obsessed with making money for one guy. He is currently happily employed at the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Government of Ontario, doing some quite interesting financial planning and analysis work. He previously worked hard as a Business Analyst at Hydro One in Canada, and as a Project Planner at Tecnimont ICB and Aker Kvaerner in India, where he was chosen right after completing bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering from Mumbai university.

Interesting stuff: Priyank insists that his life is neither bureaucratic nor boring as you might have thought after reading the paragraph above.

He loves to travel a lot and intends to have Visas of 13 countries on his passport by 2013 (he has budgeted his passport pages). As of now he has Bhutan, Canada (duh), India (pffft), Israel (including Palestine), Mexico, Peru, Russia, Turkey and the USA. His major dream trip is to travel from Morocco to Vladivostok overland (trans-sahara, trans-middle east, trans-eastern europ, trans-central asia, trans-siberia and trans-manchuria. Besides travel, he loves his Sitar and uses it to produce some entertaining notes which he calls ‘music’. He proudly teaches music and shamelessly plays at some random gigs (restaurants, weddings, parties, etc) in Toronto that fetches him some extra income which is promptly squandered on junk food and shopping for stuff that will never be used. He completed a half-marathon run in 2010 and may decide to run a proper marathon if his right knee permits. Priyank also has deep love for learning and forgetting languages. Besides Marathi, Hindi and English, he has successfully studied and forgotten Japanese, German, Russian and Spanish, in that order.

Priyank lives with his uber-awesome companion in their cute little apartment in west downtown Toronto and they share similarly dissimilar interests which makes life interesting. He thinks that biking is a form of meditation, his thoughts are often preoccupied with grocery lists, laundry logistics, dishes and he passionately talks about rising commodity prices and relating that to the fancy Economics jargon he learnt at school. Priyank dismisses the idea of single tasking and calls it inefficient. “Life is too short to do one thing at a time. All activities, except recreational sex, are dominated by the use of one or two sensory organs and there is no reason to keep the other three idling.” Oh, and he likes to blurt random quotes and claim to be an expert.

Our guy likes to pretend that he is very busy with the activities mentioned above and often you will notice him grumble about lack of time (“24 hours a day is just too less”). Also, he sleeps seven hours a day, dreams a lot, and claims to remember all of them after waking up. He likes to call himself a Leftist Libertarian (the same as Social Anarchist, but nobody knows what it really means) and often gets pissed off with governments and private corporations both. His thoughts about God vary from mild Atheism to Agnosticism, and yet most of his actions and behaviors agree with Hindu or eastern spiritualism which is remarkably open to free ideas.

About his website

Travel Blog: Priyank started his travel blog at the end of 2008 in an attempt to separate it from the personal blog and to cultivate his travelogue writing skills. His life philosophy is guided by the thrill of exploration and planned attempts to land in unplanned circumstances, something that he thinks is essential to keep life exciting and encouraging. His travel blog is an extension of his travel journal and he is happy to know that there is an audience for it.

Personal Blog: Priyank started blogging back in the middle of 2005 and has successfully kept his blog alive through ups and downs in his life, phases of despair and anxiety or excitement and joyfulness.


Priyank loves to meet new people and he will usually reply to all nice emails he receives. You may ask him specific queries, comment in general, simply say ‘hi’, or offer him a drink (last one works best).

Contact details

Priyank isn’t shy about meeting you either, if you are around downtown Toronto, let him know and he will show up on a bike. He hates cars because they consume oil, damage the environment, lead to wars and cause pollution. He also hates cars because he doesn’t own one.

Hope you have a good time here and don’t forget to leave a little comment!

116 thoughts on “About Priyank and Priyank.com

  1. Hi,
    Mi tujhya sitela achanak bhet dili. Tumhi kay karya karta he janun ghyayachi iccha ahe. Mala swatahala sahityachi awad. Mi vividh karyakramanmadhun nivedika mhanun kam karte. lalit lekhan karna, kavita karna, abhinay karna mala khup avadta. aaplya site vishayee janun ghenyachi khup utsukata ahe. apan mala e-mail karal? majha mail id var dilela ahech.
    laksh laksh shubheccha!
    will u pls. keep in touch with me?

  2. hi priyank

    i m also one of the priyank who visited your site by accident

    and i just read the comments about you and concluded that you must had written something

    well actually i didn’t get any time to go thru all the pages as my companies policy didn’t allow me to do it for long time

    and offcourse i wud like to know what all stuff you had written and many more things about you cos these comments had raised my anxiety

    abt myself i m 85 born
    completed electronics engineering
    now working as a software engineer in MAINFRAMES
    thats why i can’t make my own site although i want to as i work in MAINFRAMES ;-)

    well i don’t know whether you read these thing or not but if you do i mean if you exist and someday if you read my post then if possible and got time ……. reply

    not waiting for your reply eagerly but will luv to hear from you if you do read these posts

    thanks and regards
    priyank joshi

  3. It\’s 1st ever in my life that i took my time 2 read d complete POLICY content of any site. Thanks to u, 4 giving a clear picture of ur website POLICIES in a compressed content.

  4. dude, how sad it is that now, you are going to get reduced to trekking between home and Schulich, reading nothing but textbooks and sleep three hours a day ;-)
    But really yaar, this is a really wonderful website. It suddenly feels like I know you better. Best of luck man!


  5. Great site Puku, you are inspiring me .. we are going to have to talk about this soon.

    Looking forward to see your reflection on your first assignment :)


  6. Hi, Puku.

    Fabulious web.(I will make you crazy about my spelling. Ha!)

    Now I realy believe you can fly.

  7. Hey what is your problem about isarali guyz man ? just take light and remove tht stuff if possible for you…
    - Neela

  8. One of the best “About Me” pages I’ve ever read!

    The “I didn’t know you were so…” comments prove you’re a real INTJ! :-)

    Will spend more time reading your blog in the coming days…

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  10. Hello! Help solve the problem.
    Very often try to enter the site, but says that the password is not correct.
    Regrettably use of remembering. Give like to be?
    Thank you!

  11. For some reason, your site is acting very unresponsive and loading very slowly since yesterday. I’m not sure if it’s a problem localized to me. But once I even got this WordPress error:

    “Error establishing a database connection

    This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can’t contact the database server at mysql12.powweb.com. This could mean your host’s database server is down.
    Are you sure you have the correct username and password?
    Are you sure that you have typed the correct hostname?
    Are you sure that the database server is running?

    If you’re unsure what these terms mean you should probably contact your host. If you still need help you can always visit the WordPress Support Forums.”

    Feel free to delete this comment after you’ve looked into it.

  12. hi, i am also priyank reside at amravati from maharashtra. i just searching about our name meaning or something which related abt our name and fortunately i got your web side .i am proud of yr work which you have done thank u .

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  14. Hi Priyank,

    Nice to know you’re interested in yoga and sitar – two of my interests too. Well, Indian classical music in general, which includes sitar. Have you played at a public concert in Toronto or elsewhere? I think Boston is having a classical music festival in a month or so.

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  16. Hi, mate my name’s Priyank too. I stay in bhandup,mumbai. Nice to hear that you still are intreseted and have great respect for Indian culture. Dont you ever visit India ?. I am an 1st year engg. student. What have you done? Engg….?

  17. Hi Priyank,

    Landed up on your blog thru Zhu (Thanks Zhu!) Loved your name & Loved your blog too :) I will be regular visitor now!

    Take care,

  18. Thats an awesome introduction … I liked your site … Dude just wanted to know how you are managing your expenses of travel while you are still a student?

  19. So nice of you to leave a comment on my blog, thank you!
    I have lost my old favorites (blame FireFox!), and enjoy having your url back up on my new list!

    I will be back when I have a bit more time on my hand (or am not as powered out as I am right now *g*).

    Good luck! :-)

  20. Hi Priyank,

    Came across your blog through a listing of top Indian blogs.

    I am still going through your Andean explorations. It is simply amazing.

    A superb blog. Please accept my compliments.


  21. hey dude!!

    stumbled upon ur site just like that!!..and im so glad abt it :)

    its wonderful that you stay true to ur dream n travel that much..
    hope to see u soon in india..on a fantastic trek i suppose!!

  22. That was winter of 2000, i thought let me find something related with my name , and till that date i really visited your site and always surprised that u managed to put your website with all new feature and each time i got something new, however i couldn’t find your face on this website as i was so curious to see you, and finally i found that as i saw your pictures uploaded on site, i am really impressed with all you achievements, your cycle visit from goa , your blogs always gave a good ideas of writing blog in an exiting way. your comments everything seem managed and worked a lot to make them wonderful . i really appreciate your work on your website. best of luck for you future prospects. have dude…

  23. hi there..came across ur blog frm my friend Jo’s blog.. I guess you are a regular visitor there.. :) I read thru some of the replies that u hav written as an answer to his blogs and found them to be very good.. Me and Jo recently had a tug or words between some comments that i hav posted in his blog in the “Myth: Relgion is tolerance” post… I wud lik u to go thru my posts there and giv an honest opinion to what u think i hav posted.. thannx a lot.. :)

    PS: I think ur blog rocks.. :)

  24. Love your site, and everything you write.
    Do be in contact when you’re in Tel Aviv next year.
    All the best.

  25. god you inspired me i too have a blog but never thought could write as good as this. Besides i have a blog made in word press wonder how you made this

  26. Hi!!!!!!!!
    This is Priyank here from hyderabad. Came across to yr blog in search of Priyank>>>> I appreciate yr work and very interesting to read >>>> all the very best to you….

  27. umm.. so much of comments. Do you have time to reply all? i just walked around some blogs and landed on your blog. your writting style is interesting.

  28. Hey hi,
    Was just searching for the song Jhini’s meaning..and came across your blog…..feels great to see a person who is as crazy behing Indian ocean music as I am. read your posts loved them….
    Sukhada P Khandge

  29. Hi Priyank, This is one of the best About Me pages I’ve read.
    Hope you’re enjoying the spring too. And that everything works out well with your new host! Cheers.

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  31. Hi Priyank,
    I just got back from Port Dover / Port Ryerse Cottage Country with no wifi. When I got back to Toronto, I started purging all my Junk email. But then, I saw a couple of Final Transit email, but it was too late! I clicked the ‘Mark as Phishing Scam’ button. Sorry I missed your email. But I hope to get to know you more in the days / weeks / months to come. Glad to connect with a fellow Torontonian (is that what we’re called?)

    • Oh no worries, that happens. The emails must have been the comments I wrote on your blog. :)
      PS: I hope you have unmarked my email address!

  32. WordPress.com ला भाषांतरित करण्यासाठी तुझी मदत हवी आहे. http://translate.wordpress.com/ इथे जाऊन जमेल तेव्हा जमेल तेवढे शब्द भाषांतरित करा. आणि तशी http://mr.wordpress.com/ हि WordPress.com ची मराठी साईट आहे हे तुला माहित असेलच. इंटरनेट वरच्या तुझ्या मित्रानाही सांग.

  33. Hai Priyank ,
    What aservice you are rendering to Tourists / potential Tourists .Your minute details and photographs are superb .Thank you Priyank.

  34. The home page of priyank.com looks super cool. A very welcome change.

    Somewhere I read that your “blog has no home, the blog itself is a home”. It sounds nice to read but not practical. I had to use back [browser] button to get to your personal blog if I am on travel blog. If i have traversed down in travel blog, it wud take multiple clicks to get to the home page and then to personal blog.

    I would recommend you to use the link on “final transit” and “home” to point to u r home page and not to the latest updated blog.

    • Hi Mandar, those were good comments, thanks!

      I was (am still) very confused about the ‘home’ link on blog pages you mention, so I stuck to the standard web practices of linking Home to blog home. There are many reasons for doing so, most important of them being that the audience for my personal and travel blogs are completely different so there are few people who would visit both sites. And in case they want to, they can edit the url in the address bar which is not much of an hassle either. So I am going to stay with the current scheme unless some brilliant solution comes forward, but thanks for pointing it out. :)

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  37. hi

    i am priyank patel from ahmedabad (guju)…

    i am doing my own business in ahmedabad…

    best luck for yur work…


  38. hi
    man ur a dood i read all about u and this is my first time with someons profile beacouse i thought its freeky to do that with every social nw sites.but i like ur gallery and all stuff.caryy on and try to maat when u come rajasthan jodhpur india if u have a future plan.
    best of luck

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  40. Hey Priyank…..Awesome piece of work…cmpletely mesmerised by it….dnt know if u remmber me…please keep up the Good Work…sorry Great Work!! Really Inspiring..hope to see u smetime!! tc

  41. hi,
    i was planning to immigrate to canada with my family under skilled worker visa , but this catagery has been completed and has been filled totaly,
    according to you getting the job in canada is how much defficult.
    also i would like to know about the tax deduction system in canada , there slab and %.
    rupen shah.

  42. Good issues?I would note that as any person who in point of fact doesn’t write on blogs a lot (actually, this can be my first put up), I don’t assume the term ‘lurker’ could be very changing into to a non-posting reader. It’s now not your fault the least bit , however possibly the blogosphere may come up with a greater, non-creepy name for the 90% people that experience reading the content .

  43. Hi,
    I have just begun, have not written anything yet, Trisha (Rolling inspired me to start blogging, she said that you are her blogging guru). Learning to navigate my way around, added you to my blogroll, hope you drop in on me once in a while – it would be a great encouragement to me plus I would love to know you, and read you of course.
    Thank you

  44. Hi Puku, hope to catch up with you all soon now. am now in Lucknow and I think am ready to start blogging again at WP. Hope you drop in on me when you have sometime.

  45. Hey, nice to be back here after a long time. Came to check abt Bhutan Travelogue. Interesting to read your updated profile. Good to see you doing well always. Love. Raji.

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