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Gudhi Padwa, 1993

1. Gudhi Padwa marks the beginning of the Hindu lunisolar calendar, i.e. a new year’s day.
2. Gajar halva is my favorite carrot pudding that my mother often makes.

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gajar halva, gajar halwa

I was happy that morning because it was Gudhi-Padwa. I knew mother would make gajar-halva; I’d seen her buy carrots yesterday. It was my favorite dessert and I was really looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, mother fell ill that day.

“I’ll cook it tomorrow my dear!” she said, seeing me upset.

“NO!!! But it’s a holiday!! Why did you have to get sick today?” I pouted and yelled. How could she do this to me?

A realization stuck me few hours later. My stomach churned and I felt awful for being so inconsiderate. I hadn’t even asked mother how she was doing! I was being totally selfish…me!me!me!

Then it came to me – I should cook gajar-halva for her!

Here’s how to cook when you are clueless: I picked up a carrot and, with great difficulty, managed to accumulate a few spoonfuls of shredded carrot in a cup. Now I just needed milk to make it perfect! I poured some milk and mixed it with the carrot. But it looked terrible… nothing like the gajar-halva that mom makes! I panicked, and in the process knocked over the milk pitcher. It fell on the floor making the loudest noise ever.

Mother came to the kitchen to check. She saw me there standing in a pool of milk with carrot shreds everywhere and a cup in my hand…

Well, the rest of the story is not as interesting. But my mother says that it was among the best Gudhi Padwas she’s ever had!

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  1. Amod Amod

    If i am not mistaken the image in this blog is the one you actually made in Canada and also posted it long time back as a receipe.
    So did you complete your half left 1993 halwa and served it to your mom when she recently visited Canada? Haha… Just killing time. Wish you a very happy new year.

    • Hi Amod, yes indeed the picture is a recent one. I didn’t make anything for mom when she was visiting…hehe

  2. What a lovely story! Thanks so much for entering our competition! Best of luck!

  3. Hi Priyank, so did you learn to make it properly eventually?!
    Very amusing story, thanks for entering our competition, and Happy New Year from London.

  4. cute! tevha kiti guni hotas aani aata bagha 😀

    • kahi kay, ajunahi tevdhach guni aahe mi!

  5. Devendra Devendra

    Nice story!

  6. Devendra Devendra

    This is comment no. 99772. I put test comment to verify the number.
    You will reach 100,000 comments in this year, yay!
    Hope you reach 1 million soon!

    • That number is invalid since it consists mostly of spam. So far I only have 4353 comments that are real – that gives you an idea of how much spam blogs get! 🙂

  7. Amod Amod

    Well, how is this idea? if you chose the best 50 comments you had till now and post it on ur site. The comments that made u laugh, inspired, memorable moments bla bla. We also would get the chance to read the best comments easily.

    Last but certainly not the least :- You would have give them something in return. Hahaha!!!

    • hehe, I’ll think about that when I have 20-30 comments per post, but at the moment I don’t have that. 🙂

  8. Prax Prax

    Really interesting !

    It is the small things in life that leave behind great memories …

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