Half Marathon Statistics

Lot more to do!

You might have read my half-marathon race report earlier. Few days after the event they published data from the race and I got more details about the event. Below are my some statistics from the website and some other statistics that I could calculate.

Total participants: 5,252
My rank: 3,334
Finish Time: 2:13:16.5
Run Time: 2:10:27.0 (This is the time from actual start line to finish line. Not everyone starts at 0:00:00 and it looks like I had to wait 3 minutes just to get to the starting point!)
Pace: 6:19 min/km or 9.5 km/h
Category place: 244/302 (So there were 302 males in the age group 25-29)
Gender: 1893/2405 (So there were 2405 males and 2847 females overall)

All this data is available on the Sport stats website and I think its a fabulous resource to track historical information. You can look up my name there too.

So these numbers only prove that there is a large scope for improvement. I am planning to run next on May 15, 2011. But for now, I am enjoying the emotional high…

12 thoughts on “Half Marathon Statistics

  1. I’ve never been into running, although I love walking for miles at time. When does the emotional high you speak of begin? Is it something you get at the end of the marathon or does it come during the run?

    • Hi Paul! Nice to see your comment. :) Well the emotional high came afterward, it was the ego boost associated with achieving what I was working towards for 3 months, and also the bragging rights earned in the process… hehehe!

  2. That’s awesome stats! I have so many healthy living blog friends that are into marathons. Good luck on training for your May 2011 victory!

  3. Hey Priyank you did well.
    Good luck with training for the next marathon. It is good that you got into, it is always good to exercise all the time.
    Hope you got yourself a good rest.
    Once I did 24 hour kung-fu for easer seal, and I couldn’t rest after, my body wanted to do more, lol.

    Anna :)

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