Day # -1 Ready to go!

90 days of training will be put to test tomorrow!

2010-10-16_0146 That’s me!

So I’m all excited, motivated and ready for the race tomorrow!!

I just picked up my bib number from the marathon expo and the mood there was electric. People were all charged up and discussing their last minute plans. This process has exposed me to the whole “running scene” here – clothing, footwear, other gear, nutrition, exercises, training programs, books and what not. Its fun!

So this is what’s going to happen tomorrow. I am:

  • going to finish the half-marathon;
  • set a personal best record (since its my first time, haha!). I am targeting to finish under 2 hrs 15 minutes;
  • enjoy the atmosphere and deal with the pain; and
  • run the full marathon within the next two years.

Thanks for all the messages and support. I’ll post the final report tomorrow. :)

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