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Day # -6 Less than a week to go!

Am I nervous? Heck yeah!

I am certainly looking forward to running this coming Sunday but that is also making me somewhat nervous. Probably because its my first time running in such an event and also because I have never actually run that long in my practise sessions.

So for the last three to four days, I am going to switch to a carbohydrate dominated diet – a process called Carbo loading – to maximise the glycogen storage in muscle. So say bye-bye to lentils, beans, daals, eggs and tofus.

I also have 2 light runs scheduled – 10k tonight and 5k on saturday.

And that’s the update for now. 🙂

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    • Thanks Nandan! It was great. 🙂

  1. Hey Priyank, you are taking this really seriously, lol, just go and have some fun. I had to recite a poem once, and I was too too serious, and had to be perfect, and on the end I blew it in front of many many people. Not saying you will, but you should not be nervous, just have have lots of fun…..good luck to you buddy. Anna 🙂

    • Hi Anna, ofcourse I am/was serious! 🙂 But I took your advice and yeah it turned out to be lot of fun!!

  2. Jai Subramanian Jai Subramanian

    Hiya! You’ll do good. Well, I don’t know how it fits into the context, but your mom told us the other day that because you scored a hundred in your first maths examination, you decided to score a 5 in the next so you would meet your average requirement. Well, take that attitude- hell, no- THAT attitude with you, and in your eyes, you’ll shine. Best of Luck (if you do believe in luck) and All the Best (if not)- I have now been having enough people around me telling me how I should wish them well.

    • haha, its funny that mom told you that. I always disapproved the examination system (nothing but pure memorisation) and I didn’t believe that studying for exams made one ‘more educated’. Hence, it was futile to spend (waste?) time for exams – especially for the undesirable ones like mid-terms or 11th standard.

      I don’t believe in luck either – so I take your later wish!

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