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Water in my Macbook

Water spilled on my Mac laptop keyboard

… prompted me to checkout what was inside this cute machine.

A small amount of water spill on the keyboard is not necessarily a cause of concern. If it was some other liquid, I would have headed over to the Mac store and hated myself for the hole in my pocket that this silly accident would have caused. Fortunately, it wasn’t as tricky.

Step one: I disconnected the power supply and switched off the laptop immediately. Then I wiped the keyboard using the shirt I was wearing since it was the quickest thing at hand.

Partly disassembled Mac book.

Step two: I removed the battery by unlocking it using a coin (you will see what I mean when you see it). Then I removed the hard drive and the two RAM chips. Instructions are printed in the battery slot.

Lots of different screws, and I didn’t even include all of them in the picture

Step three: Using a very fine Phillips (+) head jeweler’s screwdriver, I undid the screws. There were several of them, I was fascinated with the precision, number and the kinds of screws they used.

Back of the keyboard

Step four: Using an old credit card, I took the upper (keyboard) layer off, revealing the beauty inside. Laptops are delightful, and this Apple is much better than the last HP (windows) laptop that I opened.

Space for hard drive, RAM, main circuit board and other slots

Step five: After letting it dry for few hours, I took pictures and assembled everything back. This blog post is a testimony that everything is normal now.

Now that I’ve done this (after owning the laptop for about 2.5 years, what a shame!), I am thinking of upgrading the hard drive to 250 or 500 GB and memory to 3 to 4 GB. It seems quite straightforward.


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  1. Gauri Gauri

    wow! well done 🙂

  2. Nice job. I once tried opening up an HP laptop. But things started getting too messy to handle.

    • hehe, I think one reason I was comfortable this and previous time was the knowledge that I have another laptop to look up things if it becomes difficult to handle. 🙂 But that was thankfully not required for the Macbook.

  3. Zhu Zhu

    Phew! I never dared to open my laptop, I don’t know I would know how to put it back together!

    • 🙂 Oh just do it! Its not that difficult. Ofcourse, only if you are interested in doing such things!
      PS: I would NEVER open my camera… 😀

  4. Awesome.

    If you loved this, you’ll love the latest aluminum macbook pro too (from the inside I mean). It seems unreal – like iRobot or something. The best part is that the macbook’s body itself is the chassis, including the slots on the keyboard from where the keys emerge. And they have also backlit the keys, so when you pick up the keys from keyboard, it looks like a picture of a city from space at night.

    The new battery is not as easy as a the old one to remove, but its worth the effort.

    • Oh wow your description is itching me on… I might lay my hands upon one next year. But this Macbook just wouldn’t slow down or pop errors… and its hard to justify buying a new one. 🙂

  5. Mukul Mukul

    Opening is OK if you can put it back together, but if you cant, then you will know only when the damage is done. A better option is to use hair dryer for a minute or two.

    • Hair drier! Oh why didn’t I think of that… (I would have had to buy one). The first thing that popped into my head was: “aha! lets open this thing!”

  6. Jai Subramanian Jai Subramanian

    Aha! Now that is what people mean when they speak of technical know-how. And for mortal folks like me, I just call my dad over, who calls over some mechanic in case something goes wrong. 😀

    • Haha, some day you will too. I hadn’t started using a computer till I was 19!

  7. Hmm, as an INTJ, I know what I know and I know what I don’t know. The intestines of my laptop is certainly something that I do not know.

  8. My husband loves to open laptops, so he has opened his Dell, Lenovo and my Dell too. I have seen the different way things are assembled inside each of them too. Now, I have a Macbook, and I know he is itching to open it, but I have given a strict NO, its just a few months old!

    • Oh comeon, let him open it! (or should I suggest him to pour water on the keyboard? haha)

  9. Now that you’ve gone through the process, you’ve got to upgrade. It’s going to be impossible to deny the temptation!

    • Indeed indeed! I have already looked up the prices…. now waiting for the right time. 🙂

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