Day # -15 Peaked at 18K

I anticipate having a knee problem in the future

I ran 18km this morning and it feels great. I wanted to do 20 but that would have been an excessive gain (60%) since the last run. At the end of it, I am not mentally or physically exhausted, but my right knee does feel fatigued.

Origin of the problem with my right knee can be traced back to 2003 when I biked 650km from Goa to Mumbai without adequate preparation for or knowledge of long distance cycling. So now whenever I bicycle for few hours or run more than 10km, my right knee starts hurting a little bit. The pain is not excruciating, but is significant and recurring enough to warrant a checkup. It’s obviously worse when running on asphalt or concrete v/s grass or dirt.

When I get health benefits at through my job, I will get this checked and treated. Because I do want to run the marathon next year and hopefully qualify for the Boston Marathon in next 3 years.

So now that the half-marathon is only 2 weeks away, I should accept 18km as my peak distance and slow down over the next 2 weeks. I am thinking of 4 more runs in next 15 days – 12km, 10km, 8km and 3km.

Now my thoughts are moving to race day nutrition, clothing, etc.

3 thoughts on “Day # -15 Peaked at 18K

  1. with 18 done, you would be able to 21 comfortably on the race day. stress on proper rest and diet in the last week.

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