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Day # -78 Gone on a vacation

I am away camping for the next four days. It is a long weekend here and I took another day off to go for a 4 day remote hike in the woods. It is a 35-km loop in Algonquin Provincial Park and we will be pitching our tents somewhere along the way. It should be fun… my backpack is quite heavy, with 4 days of supplies…

Here are some pictures from the park from my trip back in 2007.
Photo GalleryAlgonquin Provincial Park

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  1. Zhu Zhu

    Enjoy the WE, it is gorgeous indeed!

  2. Claude Claude

    Beautiful phoos of the Algonquin Park. Thank you. Hope you had a lovely time.

    • Thanks Claude, yes it was beautiful there! I will post pictures.

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    • Thanks for stopping by Monisha.

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