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Day # -80 Running outdoors

…is not the same as running in a gym.. duh!

While gym training is useful to build endurance and train regardless of the weather conditions, it’s no match for training outdoors. Last night, I ran with a group of marathoners and one could easily tell the novice in the pack.

My score last night was 5.7km in 45 minutes. At the end of it, I was exhausted while others were acting as if they just got back from a casual stroll in the park. This just shows how much I have to do in next 80 days.

The weather was funny too. It was dry for the first 10 minutes. Then it started to drizzle a bit, followed by some thunder and lightning and the last 15 minutes were fully wet. My t-shirt which was initially wet from my sweat, was now drenched in the rain. Being in downtown, it was kinda funny to navigate between puddles, avoid getting poked in the eye by people’s umbrellas and stay alert of people running across the footpath trying to find cover.

Today is going to be a rest day, which means nothing more than a total of 11.5km bike ride to and from work.

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  1. Which is why I prefer running outside than in the gym. The running track in the gym is just too sterile and boring, while the scenery and the track actually changes outside, so I’m more alert and actually pay attention to where I am heading.

    • Yeah I prefer the outdoors too, but alas the weather is not always the friend…

    • Still a long way to go Lakshmi!

  2. Zhu Zhu

    Your time is still pretty amazing to me! I can’t imagine running for 45 minutes.

    • Oh well, each of us does different things…!

  3. Priyank, must have been even harder with that extra rain on your shoulders. So you are training for the marathon? I will check other posts to see what I missed. Anna 🙂

    • Hi Anna! Yes I am doing to half marathon, and its a week away…!!

  4. running outdoors is awesome….and running on a treadmill can never come close to that experience!!!
    i just miss my jogs at lodhi garden sorely…but thankfully this season i joined swimming and having a grt time!!…

    • Oh nice! I have to get into swimming again…

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