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Day # -82 Gym revisited

The weather can no longer play a significant role in hampering my training.

That’s because I, after much thinking and debating, signed up for a gym membership. You might have read earlier that I had a 10-day trial pass. Well, that expired and I started looking for something new by visiting few gyms.


“Hi, I would like to know about new memberships”
“Let me give you a tour of the place, then we can talk.”
I got a brief tour of the facilities of that gym.
“I like the gym, but I don’t see myself using all these equipments or benefiting from your night classes”
“Sure, in that case, we can offer a special discount. How about $X per month”
“Umm.. sorry man, my budget is only $X/2”
“Okay we can work something out, why don’t you come tomorrow and I’ll talk to my manager meanwhile?”


“Hi, I would like to know about new memberships”
“Our monthly price is $1.5X, if you signup for a year, it is $1.4X”
Usually one can tell if the other person is not open to negotiations.
“Okay, thank you for the information”


“Hi, I would like to know about new memberships”
“Let me give you a tour of the place, then we can talk.”
I got a brief tour of the facilities of that gym.
“Its great, and its close to my place. But I don’t think I could come in everyday. Do you have a scheme for 3 times a week or something like that”
“Sure we can find a deal for you – X/3 per month and you could come in for 3 days a week.”
It took few minutes of negotiations to arrive at that.
“Great, can I come tomorrow and signup?”

I prefered Gym#1 since it was close to work, but Gym#3 was cheaper. Both offered comparable facilities, but the former one was a newer place, with few customers while the later one was one of those evil, as my leftist friend would put it, corporate chains. 😛

This morning, I called Gym#1 and apologised for not being able to take their membership.
“What if we match the offer from Gym#3?”
“Oh can you do that? I’m definitely more interested in your place!”

And thus, I got a membership at Gym#1. It’s a very nice and cosy place, very close to work, new equipment, not crowded at all, and, if it matters, a predominantly homosexual clientele. I don’t have to worry about the unpredictable weather anymore. I’m just hoping that I will use the gym regularly!

Moral of the story: One doesn’t get what one doesn’t ask for! (in this case, it was the discounts.)

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  1. Devendra Devendra

    Cool! You were always a great bargainer!!
    BTW, what’s with the running?
    are you gonna run a marathon or something???

    • but ofcourse I am! Just a half-marathon!

  2. Devendra Devendra

    kay comments na wholesale madhe reply karat sutlaa aahes?
    malaa dhadaa dhad mails aalyaa 4-5 😛

    • haha yes I should get into the habit of replying regularly. 🙂

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