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Day #-89 Socialisation

The 20-minute challenge

Tonight I am going to socialize with other runners. Running Room , a sports store that specialises in running equipment, is organising a 20-minute challenge. It’s for everyone – those who run to exercise and those (like me) who are preparing for a race. I am told that these 20-minute thingies get pretty crowded. At the end, everyone gets a free hat for participating.. hehe. 😉

I think I can comfortably do the 20 minute thing. I’ve been running for 60-90 minutes for the last two days consecutively and today might be a pleasant break. I still haven’t decided on the shoes btw. Hopefully I’ll be able to finalise by this weekend and return the pair that I like less.

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  1. So how does this work? You guys all run for twenty minutes and then socialize later?

    • We gathered, we chatted, we ran. Then I went home. hehe

  2. Swapnil Swapnil

    Do they let you try out shoes and return ones you don’t like?
    How does that work?
    They don’t sell the returned shoes as new do they?

    • Hi Swapnil, As long as one treats the shoe delicately and doesn’t overuse it, it can be returned within 2 weeks. This means running on indoor tracks, wearing proper socks and cleaning random dust particles. It is assumed that when one buys new shoes, there is a chance that someone has tried them. And that’s fine to me – selecting the right shoe is not straightforward.

      • Claudia Claudia

        You can run 90 minutes right at the beginning? I’m truly impressed. I do 30 minutes on the treadmill at 2mph. And I’m so relieved that I’m not short of breath! I hope to reach one hour soon. I wish you the best. I’m really pulling for you.

        • Thanks Claudia! Now I can do much more, it is amazing how the body picks up so fast!! Only a week to go!

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