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Day #-90 Shoes

Finding the right shoe is harder than finding a date

It’s been a week since I started my shoe research. After visiting few stores, doing some tests and reading materials online, I think I have short listed the two finalists.

Back in 2003 when I was young and reckless, and biked from Goa to Bombay, I ended up injuring my right knee. It doesn’t hurt except when I bike continuously for more than 40km. In retrospect, I could easily have taken better care of myself on that particular cycling expedition, but such things happen. Also, I have bowed legs, due to which my feet pronate a lot and I can feel it all the time. The tests confirmed that I have high (but not unusual) degree of pronation and may need some correction in the future. Since I don’t have insurance to cover that, I’m not going to do anything right now.

So I ended up settling on two pairs – Mizuno and Asics. Both are Japanese brands, one uses plastic and the other uses gel for cushioning and support. Mizuno is lighter but Asics has better cocooning for my feet. I am going to the gym tonight and will test run in each pair for 3km before settling on one.

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  1. I personally prefer the gel soles better than the plastic. Oh, and if they’re ultra light, that’s awesome too, it’s like running barefoot except you’re not.

    • I don’t know which one is better – I imagine gel is better for running on dirt tracks or grass but plastic is more suited for running on concrete or asphalt? Need to research more. 🙂

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