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Egg noodles with chicken and vegetables

Its merely a coincidence that I am blogging about food stories these days. But this one started as a conservative experiment with predictable stuff and it turned out very good so please try it. This recipe serves two persons.


  1. 3 chicken breasts.
  2. 350g Egg noodles. I used thick ones.
  3. Vegetables. (I used spring onions, red pepper, mushroom, chinese broccoli and bean sprouts)
  4. Spices, seasoning and condiments. (Here’s the master list: Salt, pepper, lemon juice, turmeric, fennel seeds, chili flakes, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, coconut milk, coriander, basil leaves)


  1. Marinate Chicken breasts overnight in a mixture of: Lemon juice, salt, ginger (अालं), garlic (लसुण), turmeric (हळद), chili powder (तिखट), and fennel/anise seeds (बडीशोप).
  2. Boil 1 litre of salted water and add raw egg noodles to it. Cook for a couple of minutes until the noodles are firm but not hard. Drain and wash noodles with cold water.
  3. Chop vegetables of your choice. I have used spring onions, red peppers, white mushrooms, chinese broccoli, and whole bean sprouts since they were in the fridge today. But I am guessing that carrots, baby corn, bok choy, broccoli etc will also match nicely


  1. Heat oil in a pan and fry some red onions in it until transparent. Place chicken pieces (minus the marinating sauce) and cook completely until the pieces are tender but not hard.
  2. Heat oil in another pan and fry spring onions, ginger and garlic until you can smell the flavor. Throw in your vegetables and fry until they reach your desired texture. I prefer not to cook my vegetables to death.
  3. Add the marinating sauce that you saved from step 1 above. Add bean sprouts and spoonful of soy sauce for flavor. Add some coconut milk and stir the vegetables in the gravy for a couple of minutes.
  4. Mix the three together – Noodles, chicken and vegetables
  5. Add chili flakes, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Garnish with coriander and basil.

As you saw, there is no rocket science involved here. That’s how my food looked like finally. It was not only healthy but was also yummy. 🙂

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  1. im bloody hungry and didnt expect this
    please a food section should be on the cards if i were u

    • Food section…. 😀 no re, i’m not a cook-shuk. But its nice to know!

  2. I take it you are transforming this blog into a food blog? It looks good though I tell you that.

  3. sorry P

    i was damn hungry and wanted to avoid food so thought of visiting ur blog but when i saw nice pics of food , i was cursing my luck !

  4. Zhu Zhu

    Looks awesome! I should think of buying coconut milk more often. Love these stir-fry!

    • yes yes, coconut milk is the secret! Thanks Zhu!:)

    • Ah yes I did, its a little over a year now. 🙂

  5. I am very hungry right now and my roommates are cooking chicken right now and you just made me drool. 🙂
    I will definitely try this one.

  6. @ Priyank : Oh these look absolutely lovely and make me want to eat them. I like the noodles that you have used. Such noodles also make good noodle soup. I recently got a couple of packets from dehradun through a friend. Very good leh!

    • Odzer, it means a lot coming from you!

  7. Since this looks yummy, I will try making it sans Chicken and egg noodles!! 😀

  8. issi issi

    how long does it take for preparation and how long to cook ?

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