Coca Cola Chicken

A simple recipe to recycle Coke that has lost its fizz. Just flavor some chicken with it!

- 2 Chicken breasts (I use boneless, skinless)
- half can (175 ml) Coca Cola
- 2 tsp soy sauce

Coca Cola Chicken
Coca Cola Chicken with some fried rice

1. Place chopped chicken breasts in a bowl and cover them with a mixture of coca cola and soy sauce. Leave the bowl in the fridge overnight (say 8 hours) for the chicken to thaw and marinate.

2. Heat a pan and simmer the chicken in coca cola until the food is cooked (about 20 minutes).

3. Season cooked chicken breasts with a seasoning of your choice. I simply used pepper and parsley.

The chicken has a mild cola flavor and goes well with potatoes or rice. I quickly made some ginger-mushroom fried rice from leftovers. It was delicious! :)

Finally, whats the point of making coca cola chicken if you don’t have a glass of coke to go with it!

14 thoughts on “Coca Cola Chicken

  1. Priyank, reading title only I thought I will see a chicken on the coke can, lol, instead a recipe. Sounds good, but my friend why not just drink it with the chicken, I mean drinking and eating, and not drinking with the chicken, oh what the heck it is really late, and I don’t know what I am talking about, lol. Thanks for simple express recipe. Hope all is well with you and enjoying Toronto spring. I think they are calling for frost… Anna :)

    • Hi Anna,
      Yeah its kinda fun recipe isn’t it? I will make it again actually, with some different conditions.
      Oh the frost, thankfully nothing happened – just bad windy and some rain and cold again…

  2. So now that both recipees have been good why not a cook blog ?
    Ps happy that the daal recipee turned out ok !

    • hehehe, nah man, these were just one or two random things from the kitchen… I am not a foodie!
      And thanks for your help on the daal recipe, it did turn out nice!

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