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‘Which Main? What Cross?’ Photo exhibition

Gopal's picture
Photo by Gopal

Gopal is a photo-blogger friend from Bangalore, India and his blog Which Main? What Cross? showcases excellent street photography from Bangalore. The nice things about Gopal’s pictures is that they capture ubiquitous city elements in a very different and rather interesting way – such as the example above. He carries his camera, a modest Canon A530, with him all the time. I am a big fan of his pictures and it was kinda inspirational for my weekly Toronto Tuesday series.

Gopal's photo exhibition

So if you happen to be in Bangalore this month, do visit his photo exhibition, and maybe you’d like to have a photograph in your collection.

There are 30 selected pictures from Gopal’s blog.
Duration: Monday, May 4, 2009 to Sunday, May 31, 2009
Location: F & B Restaurant, Papanna Lane, St Marks Road, Bangalore, India

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  1. I just checked Gopal’s blog. Natural colors!

    The one you have used in here is so beautiful.

  2. Gopal’s blog is so beautiful 🙂

    Everything is different from the usual what the eye catches.

  3. Zhu Zhu

    I agree with you: his pictures are really good, and it’s inspiring!

    I have a thing for street photography and I respect people who have a good eye for everyday’s life little moment.

    Great find!

    • Thanks Zhu. Having an eye to observe the right things at the right time is indeed an art!

  4. The blog is very inspiring and vivid. Beautiful pics!

  5. Wow Priyank thanks for sharing, this is really unique photography of his. Anna 🙂

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