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I am proud of you, mom!

After years of researching, interviewing, running around libraries, studios and analyzing loads and loads of thoughts, information, AND running a family and her music school, my mother’s hard work finally paid off. She received her PhD in Music today.Supermom

Congratulations, Dr. Manjusha Thatte!

And I call her super mom for a reason. I honestly have no clue how she does infinite things a day. I would get exhausted even if I do half the things she does. And to us, it seemed like, ‘Alright, I’m going to get some groceries, pay our bills on time, pot the plants, mop the kitchen, teach my students, cook dinner, raise you, and uh, maybe get a PhD on the way…’

Priyank's mother
My mother’s research work was focused on the work of musicians from Maharashtra and their role in Hindi film industry. There were no written records of historical work or research anywhere remotely associated with this area, so she had to scour the ground herself. I thought that was remarkable.

She also runs a music school, single-handedly teaching vocal music to about hundred students and is also involved with lot of music groups in Mumbai.

Meanwhile did I mention that she got acquainted with using the computer, internet, audio/video technology, etc. because she wanted to do the whole bloody thesis in Marathi all by herself?

Aai, I am so proud of you! There are so many things I still have to learn from you.

Oh, and next in line for PhD (in few years) is my younger sister. Seriously! What’s with the women in my family?

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  1. Hearty Congratulations to your mom!

  2. Mandar Mandar

    Hearty congratulations to your mom! Just one word to describe “Awesome” 🙂

  3. Congratulations! Your mother is very beautiful! I like the fact that she wrote it all in Marathi. Not many people write things in local languages anymore. The thesis must have taken some time though! I hope she finds much success.

    • Thanks Odzer, she is beautiful indeed. I thought she was joking when she said that she’d type the whole thing herself, but no!

  4. Ur mom sure has perseverance and patience and a true liking for music.. those are the cornerstones of getting a doctorate

    why doesn’t she write a book, using her thesis as a base?
    as it is her subject matter is rather interesting and salable.

    • Prax, I don’t know what she is doing in the short term but publishing a book is definitely an idea. Lets see where it goes!

      • i have a neighbor who is a publisher

  5. Congratulations to your mom Priyank! Every time I hear someone finally achieve a PhD, it encourages me, since instances like these prove that a dissertation is indeed a doable feat! It’s like light at the end of the tunnel!

    • Jeruen,
      Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad she has provided you reassurance. Indeed, its a remarkable feat!

    • Thanku Shivanand. I bow all the time. 🙂

    • watchonlinemovies! LOL, Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting!

  6. Lovely photo Priyank! Three cheers for Dr. Manjusha 🙂 Prachi going for PhD as well! wow 🙂

    • Gauri, yeah, can you believe it? She was a little younger sister and next thing I know, she’ll have a PhD! pheww! (I sound old, don’t I)

  7. Congratulations to your mom! Such a proud moment. Kudos to the smart lady.

    • Thanks Solilo! I am so proud, yes!

  8. Congratulations to your mom on the PhD!

    I should take a cue from your mom and start thinking about studies again!

    • Thanks Aathira! I have definitely taken the cue 🙂

  9. kb kb

    Hearty congratulations to your mom!

  10. Hi Priyank, Congratulations to your Mum, that’s so awesome! especially the fact that she decided to do it in an Indian language — it’ll be such a treasure for generations to come.

  11. Congratulations to your mom for her achievement. It’s great indeed. And she is soooo beautiful. Tell her she looks younger to you. lol

  12. This is awesome! Congratulations to your mom!

    I’m just speechless. Wow. I wish I could learn more about and if possible get to study her thesis as I’m very interested in such topics and there’s hardly anything scholarly to read.

    Beautiful photo, as usual, Priyank – keep it up!

    • Thanks Mahendra! I am not sure what she is going to do in the short run but lets see how we can get it to you (and others!) 🙂

  13. Wow! Congrats to your (super) mom!


    • Thanks Arun, nice to see you here!

  14. Congratulations! This is really a special moment for you.

    • Thanks Amit! It’s indeed very special!

  15. Your mom is awesome! Congrats to her. I personally feel while music may be pleasing to our ears, researching and studying on it can be an exhausting ordeal.

    By the way, your photography is mind blowing.

    • Welcome to my website and thanks for teh comments Sam! Researching anything for that matter is exhausting, isn’t it!
      And photography? ah, I just try…

  16. Super Mom indeed….Moms are a class apart are’nt they?

    We all stand up and applaud her achievements.

    Looks like a high achiever family out there and that includes you too. Congratulations and many good wishes.

    • Mavin, yes I totally agree, mom’s are a class apart! Thanks for the wishes!

  17. i know where your musical genes come from 🙂

    • Thanks Lakshmi! Yeah now you know the secret, both my parents are very umm.. ‘musical’…!

  18. Hey Priyank I am proud of your mom too, wow, super mom. I wish to be like that one day, I don’t know about phd, may be in housekeeping, lol. So your sister too, in what? Wow again, nice mom to have. Can you sing? Anna 🙂

    • Thanks Anna! I am sure you are a supermom too !
      My sister is studying Dietetics and Nutrition. And I can’t sing, but I play the Sitar, have you heard it?

  19. Bob Bob

    What a beautiful tribute to your mom, and congrats as well to your mom on receiving her PhD.

    • Thanks Bob, its such a great news for me!

  20. Hi ! Sorry for the absence! It has been hard to get some free time… 😉
    Congratulations to the Mom and to the proud son…

    Now, «The Masterpiece» waits you and your comments at Blogtrotter. You shouldn’t miss it, believe me… ;). Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  21. […] I was recently reminded of these photographs when looking at Priyank’s photo of his mom. There is one print which I have sketched in pencil and featured on my blog before if you’d like […]

  22. wonderful. but wait, marathi? manney marathi nathi aworechhey! so too bad, it is a valuable doc for people like me who had started researching the evolution of regional music! I gave up….your mom inspires me (but you know what, babies feed your soul and that gives you the strength to go on with life, maybe… if I did have one, I would have completed mine too 🙂 )

    • your mom is lovely, and to Sam, no! digging up the whys, hows, whens, wheres about something you love can be absorbing, addictive, I go on digging about my subject all the time, tho I dont record anymore or keep to the lines anymore.
      it is a bit like exploring your loved one, the more you know the better you love him/her 🙂

      • True, I love exploration and discovery too. It makes loving the subject worthwhile.

    • hehehe, maybe some day it will get translated. I hope you get inspired again, real soon. 🙂

  23. Hey Priyank, don’t know what sitar is and no I never heard it, but good for you, it is good to have some musical background. May be one day you will have youtube video and you will play for us.

    …I am going to look it up now 🙂

    Anna 🙂

    • Oh the next time I have a gig, I’ll let you know. Maybe you can come down to the city!

  24. Congratulations to your mom.
    Priyank, learn something from your sister 😛

  25. Hey Priyank, baking some pies recently, lol. Just visiting to say hello neighbour. Anna 🙂

  26. Hearty Congratulations to your mom! Best wishes to your sister too! My wishes are always with you!

  27. अभिनंदन तुझ्या आई चे आणि पर्यायाने तुझेही. आता तुझ्यासाठी ही अरे-तुरे ची भाषा वापरण्याएवढा मी वयाने मोठा नाहीए, पण आता असो. 😉

    Its really nice of her to write it in Marathi but make sure you translate it in other languages also. I would love to read the book, signed by the author 🙂

    • सुदा, मी १९८१ चा अाहे, १८९१ नाही! अरे-तुरे ची भाषाच मला समजते. 🙂
      I’ll keep my website updated for any developments, thankuuu!

      • pan mi tar 86 cha aahe….. don’t tell anyone 😀

  28. Jo Jo

    Congrats to your mom. And it’s really nice to know that her PhD is in Music!

    • Thankyou Jo, nice to see your comment here.

  29. In music? Wow. Truly you have reason to be proud of her and that’s a superb picture of your Supermom. Congratulations to your Mom.:)

  30. thesis available online? 🙂

    great man, I guess I need to get out of my silo & know whats happening around the neighbourhood.

    Great to know this. Congrats to her.

    I need to go talk to her, would love to read her work. Planning to rewire my music circuits now, with all the time I’ll have to make.

    • Thanks Raunak! Do visit her, she’ll like it!

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