And then we bake a pie

As if Square Root day was not enough, we celebrated Pi (π) day today. March 14 (i.e. 3.14)! I baked a blueberry pie because it was the easiest.

Blueberry Pie
Blueberry pie. With mysterious signs on it.

If the mathematician in you is particular about his numbers, celebrate Pi day on March 14 at 1:59 am. Because

π = 3.14159

(Please, lets not count seconds)

I respected the mathematician in me and this post will be published at 1:59 am.

Blueberry pie
Blueberry pie

It was the first time I was baking a pie and it was such a disaster. First, I took it out of the oven because it ‘looked’ okay. After cooling, I cut it, only to discover that it was not ready yet. How lame, it tasted too doughy. I put it back in the oven hoping to salvage some, but, you know, it ended up being mediocre. I still ate it because I am capable of eating any baked dessert! :)

Thanks Odzer for participating even when it was a crazy time in Chandigarh, and Jeruen be ready, spring break will be over soon!

March 16: Gopinath wrote a humorous post and even calculated his IQ. Sorry to say Gopinath, but you get a zero in that calculation!
March 16: Mavin, in a unique approach, started reading the book called ‘Life of Pi.’

With no promises of being saner,

43 thoughts on “And then we bake a pie

  1. @ Priyank : Now that I am back..The pie looks very nice. I am sure it would taste great as well. I am sure you would have recovered it. I am hoping that the crazy time has ended. I like blueberries by the way.

    • Last night I didn’t get it
      Today morning I chatted with you
      You said: ‘Its an Indian joke’
      I was like: wtf?
      You said: Satyam
      I said: Yeah, Indian joke afterall :)

  2. Okay lol Priyank, I am going to leave the house for few minutes so I can laugh out loud, lol, I don’t want to wake up Matthew. You are something else, just too funny! Thanks for the laughs, and you know its get better with baking – my first cookie my brother ate and he had to take few days off school because he got sick, and now people don’t want to share my cookies, lol, with anyone else, just eat them like, an example is my mother. Anna :)

  3. Well continuing with the celebrations
    i celebrated circle day (pi is so related to the circle , isnt it? ) making nice wholesome idlis … and 4 dozen of them from start to finish.. and they turned out great .. which is no mean feat , which is why im still eating them and was impossible without my moms help and monitoring ..

      • Dont tell me
        u dont get idli stands in canada with so many indians there?

        Making idlis in cold countries should automatically confer upon one a chefs degree,and getting the batter right is like rocket science. i had to heat the oven 5 times over to make the batter rise in fft (my first attempt ever)… and my idlis and dosas there were a hit and certified better than the best indian resto which charged a bomb for real bad quality dosas but to tell u the truth my desi ones are better.

  4. Respecting the (lack of) mathematician in me, and respecting true blood mathematicians like you, I remained largely oblivious of all these square root and pie happenings!

    • Thanks Gauri! But Pies come in several shapes and I have only a round pan… hehehe! What I could have done is drawn a picture of the Pi symbol on top… I missed that…

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