Square Root Day

√ √ √
When you are with someone as geeky as you… You do weird things, like celebrating Square Root Day!

This unofficial holiday comes but nine times a century. The numbers of the calendar align in special way. dd and mm are each the square-roots of yy. We recently had a square root day: March3, 2009.
3×3=9, √9=3


√ √ √
Square Root Day
Square Roots, ginger and radish, very original isn’t it!

So, how did we celebrate the Square Root day? We celebrated it by eating roots – radish and ginger. Cut in shapes with square cross-sections, creating Square Roots! :)
√ √ √

- – -
Footnotes: Since many of you won’t notice, let me bring to your attention:
- There are 3 paragraphs in this post,
- Each sentence in this post has 9 words,
- There are 9 sentences,
- A group of 3 square root symbols appear thrice,
- The third root in the picture above is actually a potato. It is dedicated to all the people who argue that potato is a root.

The next mathematically significant day is the Pi (π) day: 3.14 (March 14). I am going to bake (guess what) a pie! :) This is a strange tag, but I am tagging Odzer to bake a pie, Jeruen and Rambodoc to either bake or buy one, Paul to share a memorable pie story and Gopinath to write a humorous post about people doing weird things. Who else wants to participate? More the merrier! Remember guys, March 14th!

45 thoughts on “Square Root Day

  1. When will you kids learn English the right way? Didn’t you pay attention in spelling class? I will celebrate Pee Day, right away. Peep-peep!

  2. @ Priyank : You did not eat turnip, parsnips or carrots. Tsk tsk! Severe disappointment. I will put March the 14th in my calendar then….I am looking forward to the Pie day then.

    • Odzer, it was close to midnight when this brilliant idea struck us. So we used whatever we had. Carrots were consumed only few hours earlier, damn!

  3. Sometimes you think that there are certain things which could never happen and then the surprise happens! :lol:
    Seriously, square root day??? :P

  4. Grrrrr…. That’s because I haven’t used my oven before. Ok, not true, I’ve used it, once. Just once, when I made mushrooms with spinach and goat cheese.

    Besides, I am still on the road on Pi Day. I won’t be back home until Sunday night. If you’ll take a rain check, I’ll figure something out.

  5. Oh, wow, a post on these matters. Am glad am back here after the Intl Woman’s Day…hey..wait a minute..I don’t celebrate it..as I am neither a sexist nor a feminist.

    Probably you are aware, I believe in equality of all human beings.:)

    • Welcome back Celine! I don’t think you have to be sexist or feminist to celebrate woman’s day. Its just another day like childrens day or the newly started Men’s day!

  6. A very nice information you had shared among all. So you had holiday on the square root day? Please do notify me such amazing comments via e-mail.


    Footnote :- You must have noticed there are 3 sentences each of 9 words. A bit late though even i have celebrated the day with you.

  7. In my opinion Pie-day shud b celebrated by all Indians, as it is coined by an Indian Mathematician. What u say, priy?

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