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Where is my backpack?

Time to pickup my backpack again… 🙂
(oops! I forgot that I have a separate travel blog now!)

You know, after a while, especially if you are backpacking alone, your backpack transforms into a living being. I’m not crazy, but the other day I discovered myself talking to someone. But who? there was nobody around me! Wait a minute. Oh no! I am talking to my backpack! 😀

It is your friend and companion, and it will listen to everything you have to say. Initially full of fresh, clean smelling clothes, it soon starts getting filled with smelly fragrant socks that have been used for 2 days. Although I am a neat-freak, I cannot resist an occasional urge of lazyness and I simply dump stuff into it in a haphazard manner.

My backpack is the sexiest female I know and she is pretty experienced too! She has a military black-green (makes others green with envy) color, plenty of straps and pockets and provision for size adjustments. Those adjustments are useful if someone else wants to use it.

You probably guessed. I don’t share my women (my bike, laptop, backpack, etc.) 😐

The best thing about my backpack is that she is very flexible and never complains. I dump her on dirty roads, sit on her, use her as a pillow, put her in plastic bags during flights and things like that but never I hear a groan. Ofcourse I make it up by carrying her on my back and hugging her tightly when I am defensive. I also sleep with next to her whenerver I am on a train or bus. She loves me unconditionally indeed.

My backpack has several compartments. I stash my dirty laundry in the smaller compartment at the bottom, but in few days the dirty laundry is moved to upper (spacious) compartment. I carry plastic bags because I get terrified by the mere thought of putting my used socks and used underwear together. There is another section for documents, a section for toiletries, watter bottle, sleeping bag (if I need) etc.

They say ‘there is a woman behind every fool man’ and I can provide visual evidence of truth of that statement.

I am excited to travel with her. Bye bye from both of us. For next 2.5 weeks, we (her name is ‘Roku’ (roh-kuh) btw.) will explore the himalayas in Bhutan.


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  1. Nice to know that your backpack is a good friend! And you lucky, that’s what both of you are to be traveling to Bhutan. More than anything, being a backpacker is everyone’s unfulfilled dream.

  2. wow u sure know how to travel

  3. Nita:
    Hey hey hey! Shower of praises which we don’t deserve *blush*

  4. Prax:
    We all are trying all our little things 🙂

  5. May your love story with Roku continue. Happy travels Priyank. Enjoy!

  6. Good luck in Bhutan. I was supposed to be there this year but oh well I will just have to make it next now. Oh by the way underwear and socks together=Jockitch. He he he. So you are doing well by freaking out at the thought of it. Carry plenty of warm clothes and you will be fine. I usually line my backpack with a huge garbage bag before I put my clothes in, that way it makes it quite water proof.

  7. Zhu Zhu


    My backpack is the sexiest man I know 😉

    I also use many different plastic bags and small containers, to keep everything tidy.

    I’m packing in a week!

  8. Zhu Zhu

    I had never seen your about me page till today by the way, love the yoga pose on your picture.

  9. Celine:
    Thanks! (from both of us)

  10. odzer:
    Jock itch… LOL I didn’t see that coming 🙂 Maybe you can still try to come there 😛 Just disappear from work!

  11. Zhu:
    Hey thanks! We are backpack buddies… (people who assign a sex to their stuff) …lol.
    Your Central/South America trip will be smashing 🙂

  12. ‘ve fun with your women 😀

  13. Oh great! Have fun with Roku in Bhutan!

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  15. Just when I was enquiring about Butan, you left to enjoy it’s beauty ?
    Never mind, I am also going there whenever it happens. It’ll definitely be after I read your experiences.

    All the best to both. Puku & Roku.

  16. hi again
    please keep me updated from inside
    Druk Yul – Land of the Thunder Dragon

  17. i think maybe you need a real female….you’re looking at ur backpack funny lol

  18. Priyank you are so funny, lol, that was fun post to read, and nice that you are able to carry your love of your life, lol, on your back, she will always stand behind you as long as you let her to ride your back, lol.
    BTW you said: Although I am a neat-freak, I cannot resist an occasional urge of lazyness and I simply dump stuff into it in a haphazard manner. – you know this is exactly me too.
    Anna 🙂

    PS Hey do you plan to have Subscribe option on your blog?

  19. its better to have a travel partner who sometimes doesnt have a point of view..guess u are better off with yr backpack

  20. Priyank, you are of again! Have a wonderful trip with your woman.

  21. Amar:
    Thanks for the message and the invitation. I will definitely take a look 🙂

  22. Cuckoo:
    Thanks 🙂 (from both of us)

  23. prax:
    oops! I did not use internet a lot from there 🙁 but I will update you soon!

  24. Matt:
    LOL, maybe I don’t need one more 😛

  25. Anna:
    Thanks very much. I am back already… lol! It reminds me of Monica from that show Friends – even a super neat person has a closet full of mess !

  26. Lakshmi
    Absolutely. A partner who supports all your decisions! Makes you super confident! lol

  27. Mridula:
    Thanks! I am back today, and we had a good time in Bhutan!

  28. Great blog Priyank! Good to know you had a great time in Bhutan! Can’t wait to read more about the adventures. I’ve added your blog to my blog roll. Count me in as your regular reader from now 🙂

    ps: Thank you for visiting my blog.

  29. R2K:
    Welcome! Write more next time please…. LOL 🙂

  30. Kiran:
    Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting! I have blog rolled you too!

  31. Hey then welcome back!
    Anna 🙂

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  33. Priyank,

    And please post your picture of Bhutan’s Tiger’s Nest, the Taktshang Monastery. I hope you passed by that Gompa.:)

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