Split into two

Raw Material:

mixed blog, travel, photos, blah blah…

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Finished Product:

Personal blog < <       >> Travel blog

What the hell is he trying to say?:
This website so far was a mix (cocktail) of personal blog, travelogs, pictures, photos, and everything else I could find. One fine day (obviously, it wasn’t in St. Petersburg) I sat down to think (yes that happens too!) the purpose of my blog and I was left with a clueless expression on my face. I therefore decided to carve out the Travelogs as a separate blog before it took over rest of my blogging. Note: I had started blogging on June 5, 2007.

This means that all you chums who have blogrolled me will have to update their links. Sorry guys!

Personal blog: http://priyank.com/weblog/ (Feed remains)
Travel blog: http://priyank.com/travel (New Feed)
Or simply link to Priyank.com

I expect this streamlining to yield miraculous results, a fortune perhaps. :)


34 thoughts on “Split into two

  1. Congrats. I can almost hear your weblog saying this to your travel blog:

    “Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me, either. Just leave me alone.” LOL

  2. So what the hell are you trying to say?,lol, so you will have 2 blogs now? wow, I can’t even keep up with my one blog…. and i only post 2x a week,lol.

  3. so i have to add u to my travel section too ,
    funny i had recently taken u off the travel section but maybe it does make a lot of sense

  4. @ priyank : Congratulations and its nice that we will now get to hear more from you on your every day life blog. May I make a small suggestion, perhaps you should have different colour schemes for your two different blogs. It would make it far easier then to differentiate between the two.

  5. I never knew when you meant by change, it was so huge. I was looking more towards the look & feel of it.
    Since you have already decided, so be it. some how i thought you blog (personal travel) was shaping up into a character, and mow separating it, you have made it professional one.
    I would say Good luck with the same!

  6. but hey that link I have on my blog brought me here and I can see a link to the travelblog on top so one can always – or no? dnt get the add “separately” bit

  7. Great and tremoundous work, as its a huge task to get it done.
    And you went through pain.
    Its as good as having a second life for your blog.
    All the best.

  8. Sushant (sunny):
    Thanks for your comments and the help. I guess at some point it was important to split as I was feeling some identity crisis :P It IS like a third life to me (and most of other bloggers too!) I will try to improve it.

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