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To the wonderful blog readers of Mumbai,

We are thinking of organizing a blogger’s meet on Sunday, November 16th somewhere in Thane / Mulund area. I live in Dombivli so this location is quite convenient for me (LOL) and people of central, harbour and some of western suburbs.

This is intended to be like a blog-family meet and we do not expect loads of absolutely random, unfamiliar faces (there are mainstream blogger’s meets for that kind of socialization.) So if you can make it that evening, please RSVP by Friday (November 14th) to my email address, and we’ll all get in sync :)

mail at priyank dot com

I guess you are surprised by this constant use of ‘WE’. hmm…, since I am only a non-resident Mumbaikar, this whole affair is spearheaded by Nita.


24 thoughts on “Bloggers Meet

  1. “BTW, what do people do at blog meets?”
    (Groaner alert!)
    (They) first blo gin, and then……
    log in, log out, log in, log out!
    Seriously, Kevin, what do you think people do when they meet? :-)

  2. Suda:
    Welcome to my website and thanks for the comment. We can arrange to wash your clothes at some laundry in Mumbai. What’s more – you can claim fringe benefit tax rebate ;-)

  3. @ Kevin, all tht they said tease th hell out of U too might b on th agnda…but Priyank most pple hve their pics – now. Does Cuckoo know? Er n how far mght the Youth Hostel b from whrevr th venue is? this wd be the frst evr for this group? twud b nice to get tgthr m sure :)

  4. Greetings from another non-resident. I guess it’s time again to make my 4th trip to India for this year, but no, unfortunately, I can’t make it by November 16th. So have a happy bloggers meet Priyank and I wish you a great time in India.

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