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Falling leaves and building blocks

I was strolling in the park yesterday with my friend. Out of nowhere, a red maple leaf came flying by and landed on his hair.

“Oh …, I guess Fall is really here…!,” both of us exclaimed as I took the leaf off him and blew it away. It flew again for some distance and fell on the ground after what seemed like a brief but thoroughly enjoyable flight.

Maple leaf
Red Maple Leaf

We looked at the landscape around and indeed it was covered with random yellow, red, golden leaves. Dominated by maple leaves but filled with such a diverse variety of leaves, so many shapes and sizes and colors, yet living together and yielding to the weather as a cohort. It seems so natural for nature to co-exist.

The green trees look colorfully dressed, like a forest on fire – yellow, golden, red, but it doesn’t matter. In a few weeks all of them will disappear leaving nothing but naked branches at the mercy of cold winds and snow.

So many things changed around me in last few weeks but I was too busy to notice.


I had a strange dream last night. It was in the middle of nowhere. I was digging a trench. It was very deep. I spent hours and days digging this gigantic hole in the ground. To give you an idea of how deep the ditch was, imagine four elephants stacked on top of each other. The fourth one could barely reach the surface. Yes it was that deep and yes I was measuring the depth using elephants even in my dream (how geeky!) 🙂

I don’t know why I was digging.

As soon as the digging was over, I started filling it up. With bricks. Layer after layer arranged in a neat manner. I was building prototype of a city. So I started making little roads, houses, palaces, temples, gardens etc. In no time I created a model of a well planned city inside the big ditch. Being inside the earth, it was secret and sortof protected. The city looked very systematic and very beautiful, just the way I liked it – I loved my work.

No sooner had I finished admiring the work than I started throwing big stones on top of my beloved city from the surface above. One by one the buildings crashed, arches collapsed and gardens were filled with rubble. In no time, I had completely destroyed my entire city. For some reason, I thought that that was the natural thing to do.

Then I sat there, crying over the loss of my creation. (To clarify: I was crying over the destroyed city and not because I was the one who destroyed it.)

And then I woke up. 🙂


A hundred more leaves must have fallen and mixed with the earth as I finish typing this post 🙂 I have several useful interpretations of this dream, but if you do too, I would gladly welcome any insights.


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  1. Very beautiful pictures priyank. The changing of the weather is always fun to observe, how days become shorter and how animals change their behaviour. Measuring in elephants eh, I guess it is more practical in case you are digging really deep trenches. Were they Asian elephants or African elephants, unless you can tell you are not nearly nerdy enough!

  2. Odzer:
    hahaha, I thought of writing that they were Indian elephants 🙂 [From the history documentaries I have been watching lately!] Do I qualify now?

  3. Beautiful pics!!!
    Your dream was quite amusing. It seems that you are going to destroy something which is very close to your heart. 🙂

  4. Hi,

    The budding “Urban Planner” (and recently inspired by the mysterious Incas) was living out his future vocation.

    The destruction was because it was not up to the mark so that the “Urban Planner” could create another world. (How Brahma – esque)

    Why in a deep deep ditch? – This was happening deep in his sub-conscious away from the scrutiny of others.

    Howz that for starters;-):-)

  5. Pictures are very beautiful. Can’t stop admiring them.

    Hmmm… your dreams always have something intriguing. This time ditch & elephants ? 😛

    I think the city you made was so good that you wanted to protect it from this world, started ‘covering’ it up with stones and in the process you destroyed it.

    P.S. – One more request. Pls do something for comment subscription.
    Thank you. 🙂

  6. Amit:
    Thanks man! The dream is a warning, I am careful now 🙂

  7. Mavin:
    Aha, thanks that’s a good sign – urban planning I mean, not the destruction. However I am very unsure when it will happen, if at all…

  8. Cuckoo:
    Thanks. I hope visiting is better now. I’ll fix the comments form (don’t know how!)

    If your interpretation is partly true, then it makes me stupid dimwit… What was I thinking throwing stones like that 😛

  9. @ Priyank : If they were Indian elephants I agree you are indeed a nerd in more than one way!! :p

  10. Odzer:
    lol, Ok now that you have used the word ‘nerd’ again, I must protest!! I am not a nerd. I’m a geek yes, but not a nerd! No no!

    Simply stated, a geek has a life, a nerd doesn’t. There are more implications of this term 😉

    We humans are geniuses!

  11. Grand pics!

    And about your dream: I’m sure some psychiatrists will be delighted to analyze that! But it is interesting to say the least, since you have the right to destroy what you built, and then weep over your own wrath. Of course, it is of elephantine proportions 😉

  12. Sudipta:
    Thanks, interesting analysis! But I am pretty sure when I was weeping – I had no clue that it was me who had destroyed it. Very weird.

  13. Bob Bob

    Great Maple Leave shot. lol, love the figuring out how deep it is in your dream with elephants.

  14. Thanks Bob!
    I hope to go watching Fall colors on the long weekend next 🙂

  15. Haha! I don’t analyze dreams, but anything to do with digging yourself into a ditch (more than two elephants deep) doesn’t sound good. 🙂

  16. Your dream probably indicates you will be travelling soon..mayde down under 🙂 love the fallen leaves, they always indicate a new beginning

  17. Shantanu:
    hahaha, yes I guess 🙂 Its nice to have bad dreams once in a while!

  18. Lakshmi:
    Journey to the center of the earth? Or some travel to a secret location 😉

  19. Surprised and very happy to see you hve strtd this again. Love it whn u write from ur heart and let ur spirit soar in flight n then I can be in air too! cuckoo’s been here aft a long time, nice to be tghtr again, Cuckoo, at Priyank’s 🙂

  20. did anybdy celebrate Navratri in Canada? is it cold alrdy? was thr a Dandiya? whts Durga Puja like whr u r, Pri? not write, maybe shw us since u do pics so well, twd be a treat am sure to get a photo-feat thru ur lenses….

  21. P.S. whn tht startd, was a baby myself, ddnt knw how to drive, nevr bn out alone…do dreams ‘mean’/reflkt state of mind? ur ‘diggng’ mght be the effort at ‘tryng to mke sense’ of smthng, ‘under(ground) and over(frm th top)’ cd be tryng out perspctvs…gee, evn I got drawn into the guessng game now…chal but keep ths on pl

  22. why peltng stones tho and weepng?!

  23. Trisha:

    Navratri / Durga Puja / Ganeshotsav : I think they celebrate these in areas with dominant Indian population but I live in downtown Toronto and pretty much oblivious to the happenings in the Indian community. I never go. Possible reason for being indifferent could be (1) Distance (2) Internal politics (3) Excessive preaching of religion (4) Extremely conservative school of thought etc.

    Dreams are interesting indeed 🙂

  24. @Trisha:
    Whether I comment or not, I read each &every single post of Puku. 😀
    It was nice to know that I am being watched though ! 😉

    What was your age when you did that ? A kid ? Then anything is possible. But if you do it now …. well, well… 😛

  25. Cuckoo
    Did what ? The dream is only few days old!
    And yes, the detectives are all over watching you:P

  26. Hmm, looks like someone has been playing with his lego bricks too often 😛

  27. Kevin:
    I loved my building set. It was called Young Architect. I miss it…!

  28. Priyank, the dream seems too complicated to me! The pictures on the other hand speak easily and are a beauty.

  29. yes, Priyank, Mridula is right, its always a wonderfilled trip thru ur lenses – and I always come here to look at ur pics whn u travel.
    Cuckoo, it feels great to be in the same space together, tht mkes it like a party, c wht I mean? Puku here has a nice white spacious light filled sunkissed room tht mkes for a stimulating gatherng, I enjoy tht – infact often come here to read his commentators more than his travelogue (o and he doesnt mind, he loves people too much anyway) n it feels like u hve ur eyes inside a kaleidoscope – wth so many minds, so much colour – life seems beautiful n I love it!

  30. Mridula:
    Oh thanks, one of the intentions of this post was to see how personal stuff can be so complicated while nature around us is simple really!

  31. Trisha:
    My photos can be described as mediocre at best! Really, it is very average quality stuff! Thanks for the beautiful comments 🙂

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