Once again!

Priyank on the rail tracks
Priyank on the rail track

Okay, first, stop ogling at my sexy legs.

I don’t fancy myself lying on the rail tracks on my birthday, but these were abandoned ones, in the Niagara Peninsula, somewhere near Crystal Beach, about 150 km from hometown Toronto and as you can probably see, I was cycling. Phew! After 27 years I can finally manage writing a long and almost meaningful sentence in a foreign language.

I promise to tell you what I was upto if you don’t ask ‘that’ question.

How OLD are you Puku?
aargh…. 27. It’s written on my ‘About me’ page. ;-)

What did you do on your birthday?
Biked. Biked a lot. On the bike trails, on the prohibited freeway, on the train, on the bus, from Lake Erie to Niagara Falls to Lake Ontario. In Canada and USA. Restaurants and bars, a drink here a hug there. The usual stuff that old people do, y’know.

What are your birthday resolution(s)?
Still making one.

ugh, when was your birthday?
August fifth according to the Gregorian Calendar, August seventh (i.e. Sixth day of new moon in the holy month of Shravan) according to Hindu Calendar
(I know, I am comprehensive and smart ass)

I’m back to the blogging world after a healthy hiatus. Don’t miss this million dollar opportunity to wish me Happy Birthday, sing along and bring me presents. Thank you very much. :P

32 thoughts on “Once again!

  1. seems u were waiting for me to ask u to blog ! ha ha
    27 but still a bachchaa : )
    No need to say “Have Fun” – u already having.
    No need to say “Enjoy” / “Cheers” – u already are.
    No need to say “Live life to the fullest” – u already are.

    Extra blessings wont hurt so… God Bless You.

  2. Haan Haan Happy Birthday !! Wadhdiwasachya Shubhechha !

    Kaise besharam log hote hain, apne aap happy birthday wishes maangte hain. :P

    Haaye your sexy legs !! And you’ve gained weight after this healthy hiatus.

  3. oooooooo….look at those sexy legs…! Happy Birthday! big boy, and lots of transatlantic wishes. PS: Is it practise in India to “ask” to be wished? no no not here. so when are you visiting us

  4. Cuckoo
    And you have become Marathi expert now! Ya ya I know its bad manners to ask for wishes but who cares… LOL Don’t know if I have gained weight. After that much cycling I should have lost (technically)!

  5. Paul:
    I think that there are 4 stages of life. Childhood, Teenage, Adulthood and old age. Old begins at 26 :P After that, physical/mental evolution is more or less complete and what increases is maturity. Ofcourse I am kidding, I’d like to be you- so young at heart.

  6. Happy belated birthday. You really seem to be traveling all the time!! When you do you work? Or do all of you guys who live abroad have a four day week or something!
    Anyway enjoy while we slog it out here. :)

  7. Hi Nita,

    Oh I wish we had 4 day week :( You know what they say… work hard, party travel hardest :) Oh I wish we could sleep on rail tracks in India… hehehe!! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  8. Heh, I just noticed your comment here “I wish we could sleep on rail tracks in India”. I am sure you are not serious, knowing what most of rural India uses rail tracks for!

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