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Final Transit 4.8

Geek Alert: There couldn’t have been a geekier title than that. Yes yes, I am a geek and proud of it.

[drums][more drums]
A brand new look of my website. 🙂 [yay!]
Ok I know, unless you are a first time visitor, that you have probably guessed it already. This is what I call “Version 4.8” and I hope you like it.

Oh by the way, I also got a MacBook, you know, an Apple Laptop. I got up on Wednesday morning and while biking to work I was mulling over how nothing exciting has happened in the last 2 days. So I decided to make it exciting and what else could be more exciting than spending money on a cute little thing? Clearly, I sound quite excited, but I definitely am excited, and will be until I get the credit card bill. Apple gave away an iPod Touch free with this purchase, so I have more toys to play with. This coincides with the abrupt demise of my older laptop and confirms my final departure from the world of Windows OS. Exciting!

Anyway, back to the website. Thanks everyone who gave me elaborate feedback on how bad the previous version sucked. I’ll dedicate my next glass of Cranberry juice to you (since I gave up on beer). Cheers!

So, does something look different here? Is it better to navigate? Faster? What do you think? Notice a bug? Comments and criticism welcome (but please don’t say something obvious like – “wow the new look is nice!”, I know that already..;) (talk about smartassedness).) I will be tweaking for the next few days.

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  1. First comment by yours truly. Checking if the comments form is working properly…

  2. gave up on beer…wow…wow…

    Like the design of the new site. I jsut recently redid my whole site too. So i can appreciate the web geekyness. I’m also going to be switching laptops…..mine is dying…quickly… I’d loe a mac air….

  3. Macbook and free iPhone.. guess, you wouldn’t have slept until you explored the features 🙂

    The very first of your blog was awesome. The one which had 4 basic elements button. I miss that template a lot!

  4. Hi Matt,
    Yes, I quit drinking beer…. until the next time I drink it 😛
    Its frustrating initially to use the mac, but the switch is worth it!

  5. Manasa
    Wow, thats really old! Probably 2 years ago. I don’t know if I even have those files. But I would like to implement those themes here too, thanks for reminding:)

  6. Congratulations on the facelift..LOL
    Btw, I did not have any problem earlier.:)

  7. New look ! cheers to you..I liked the old one as well

  8. Bob Bob

    Looks great and congrats on the new toy.

  9. Thanks Bob!
    And now I am so used to use the mac, that I find it frustrating to use the PC at times! lol

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