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Peru National FlagRepública del Perú (गणराज्य पेरु) – is where I will be going next. Among other things, I am most excited about hiking on Inca trails in the Andes and getting a feel of being ‘completely lost’ in a country where nobody speaks English (umm.. or Marathi or Hindi 😉 ). I’m looking forward to all the trouble 🙂

Peru and its neighbors
Peru and its South American neighbours

Peru, as you might know, is a South American country surrounded by Pacific ocean to its west and Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile from north to south in that order. It was a Spanish colony until 1821 and had a turbulent democratic history. The coastal areas in Peru look geographically much like India’s coastal strip from Konkan to Kerala, because just like India’s Western Ghats (Sahyadris) along the Arabian Sea, Peru has the Andes along the Pacific Ocean. The Andes rise much taller than Sahyadris though, often having snow covered peaks.

I’ve initiated contacts with people in Peru, although 2 weeks is not a time long enough to network. In case you (readers) have any contacts, I’d be glad to get in touch. I still have to research, reserve, get visa, insurance etc.

And this also prompts me to expedite my Israel Travelogs (Scrolls from the Holy Land) which, I admit, have not kept up well lately.

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  1. Priyank, nice travel plans, hope you can bring back good stuff back, I meant photos and stories. Good luck if I don’t blog you before that. Anna 🙂

  2. why do u need insurance?whats that about?Initiated contacts – sounds like language from a war novel “they came but never made contact”, with whom, what kinda people have you ‘initiated contact’?

  3. Bob Bob

    Sounds awesome, take lots of pics!!

  4. Wow! I just googled Peru and it looks like you are going to have great fun 🙂 Keep us posted with the details 🙂 I am checking if there is anyone in Peru with whom you can keep in touch.

  5. That’s amazing!!

    It’s a great choice I must say and is also on my list of ‘must-see’ places including a visit to the Lost City of the Incas.

    Go, young man, and come back safe and then share with us your experiences on how much you enjoyed being ”completely lost.” 🙂

    ps: Looking forward to more e-scrolls. 🙂

  6. Enjoy ur stay
    and do post pics of your trip

  7. you really are going places! 🙂

  8. this is something I dreamt of..many years ago, I stopped at peru airport and could not go beyond the city..wish I actually did..I have just one souvenier of the place..


  9. Anna, its nice to see your comment. Yes I will bring back basketfull of pictures and stories 🙂 See you around.

  10. Trisha, I might have to get travel/medical insurance for this trip. Regarding contacts – well it is always nice to know someone at the totally unfamiliar place you are going to. I like meeting new people and sometimes on solo trips it could get boring after a while.

  11. Yes Bob, I’ll take lots of pics. Although I am seriously considering buying a better camera. But that would mean carrying more luggage and being more careful. So lets see !

  12. GV yep, Peru has a wonderful natural and human beauty. Lets see how much of that I can cover in 2 weeks…

  13. Cellu yes I’ll be safe and return with lots of interesting stories. I am going to the lost city of Incas, however I just discovered that the trek to Machu Picchu is booked until August, so I’d have to take a train or a bus… kinda sucks but then thats what you get if you book barely 3 weeks in advance 🙁

  14. Minal! So nice to see your comment again. Yes I will do that 🙂

  15. Welcome to my blog Arun
    Just trying to seize an opportunity. Lets see what happens during the rest of this year 🙂

  16. backpakker (Lakshmi): So far I have only booked air tickets to Lima. Unless I research something very soon, I think I’ll be stuck at the airport… lol!

  17. Bon voyage and keep me posted 🙂
    this is way better than ur seattle plan and probably will almost cost the same 🙂

  18. but the views -ahh they will be fabulous!

  19. Darshana Darshana

    hey all the best 4 ur trip may it be safe n successful. U seem to be a busy man, I marvel at the fact that u manage to update ur site.Great going!! 🙂

  20. prax: Yes surely I will keep you informed about whats happening 🙂 Much better than seattle – yes but almost same cost? no 😀 its more than double! But the fun is wayy higher!

  21. Darshana
    Welcome to my website and thanks for dropping by and commenting. i dont find as much time as I should to update the site 🙁 anyway, keep visiting. You havent given your blog address btw.

  22. Darshana Darshana

    glad to see ur promt response 🙂 well boss my blog address is yet to be discovered hope to provide u with that soon.

  23. look at the brighter side instead of visiting a city/state u get to visit a whole wonderful country 🙂

  24. Darshana: Cool, I will await that!

  25. prax yup, I agree with that, there is no comparison 🙂

  26. Great, Priyank! Bon voyage and enjoy your stay. I have got my hands on daxin-rang by Meena Prabhu this week — Travelogue of five South American countries. Will try reading through it, and let you know if I find some useful tips 🙂

  27. Nandan, nice to see you here after a while 🙂 Which are the 5 south american countries she traveled too? I hope it includes Peru too 🙂 Otherwise I can put the book to use later by going to other countries! hehehe. I will look forward to your email. cheers!

  28. You do pick the most exotic, fascinating travel destinations. Is this a vacation or business?

  29. Sounds excellent, Priyank! I wish you a wonderful trip!

    Oh, and please remember: If you come across any really tasty Peruvian beers, write home immediately! 🙂

  30. You lucky guy! It’s my dream to go to South America! Maybe one day I will, but hopefully not just in my dreams!

  31. Hi Shantanu, thanks for dropping by. This is vacation time! yay!

  32. Paul: Deal 🙂 I’ll try to ship you some !

  33. Nita: I hope so too. Maybe my travelogues will be useful then. This time I will write better and nicer than the Israel ones.

  34. Kewl! Enjoy the trip! And shoot lots of pics!!

  35. Dropping in to check if I’d be lucky to get to read another e-scroll.

    So, are your plans to Machu Picchu finalized? Go, go, if not trekking, take a bus, train, bullock cart…. 🙂

  36. Celine: I wish I could post some blogs 🙁 But I don’t think I can post for atleast 3 weeks now…

    MP – nothing planned in my trip so far, but I will go there some way or other… Afterall, who goes to Paris and not watch Eiffel tower, or Toronto and CN tower? I am already getting nightmares that I am in a shanty town surrounded by Spanish speaking villagers who are yelling at me and I can’t understand what they are talking about !

  37. Darshana Darshana

    Hey recently I watched a movie named “The Terminal” which reminded me of u. Incase u’ve missed it, it was abt a man (Victor) from Karkhozia who knows very lil’ english n is caught up at the airport in the US. Well boy expect the best but be prepared for the worst. 🙂 Wish u a safe journey again.

  38. Darshana Darshana

    Hey recently I watched a movie named “The Terminal” which reminded me of u. Incase u’ve missed it, it was abt a man (Victor) from Karkhozia who knows very lil’ english n is caught up at the airport in the US. Well boy expect the best but be prepared for the worst. 🙂

  39. MP, since its a World Heritage Site, guess one can expect it to be tourist friendly. Best wishes again for a safe and pleasant trip. 🙂

  40. Oh Puku, how much I envy you now. 🙁
    Have you seen happiness and jealous both together ? I too wanted to visit South America. You lucky !!

    Are you going there just as a tourist or is it again a part of your studies ?

  41. great! here’s one dude breaking the london-paris-vegas cliche, hope u have lots of fun.

  42. Take tips from Hari. He had been to Chile.

    Enjoy your trip 🙂


  43. Are you still there ??

    BTW, You are tagged here.

  44. Darshana: Thanks, I didnt see the movie but I can imagine what that guy must have felt!

  45. Celine: Tourist friendly… LOL I know what you mean!

  46. Hi Cuckoo, yea I have seen happiness and jealousy both together 😉
    Thanks for the tag. I’ll try to do it (dont know when!).. cheers.

  47. Story filled adventure – yes indeed Vaarun!

  48. Hey Maverick, nice to see you here after ages 🙂

  49. Manasa: Good to see you after a long time. Yes I did write to Hari already 🙂

  50. Nice pics and updates… will need a lot of time to catch up with 5 months of your work. But I will do it. Btw, your site is running like the wind now. Great improvement!!

  51. Lucky you… I’ve always dream of the Machu Picchu, but was only in Lima!
    Beware, it was the only place where I had my wallet stolen… ;))

  52. Hi Oemar, Nice to see you back in action 🙂 There is lots to read here…

  53. Trotter: Oh, sorry to hear that. Fortunately I had a nice time in the city, whatever little time I spent there !

  54. Lakshmi (backpakker): I know.. I will start blogging around 25th of this month. Till then I am dead busy 🙁

  55. Priyankbhai, waiting for updates and photos

  56. Kaushalbhai, in a day or two 🙂

  57. Hey Priyank,
    what a great route you took. I did the Lima, Trujillo, Mancora and then the amazon from Colombia to Iquitos. But when i go back to Peru, i am so doing your route!!

  58. Domina:
    Welcome to and its so nice to see you here! I am envious – you went to the rainforests….. aaaah, I have to go there next time for sure 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

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