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The Geese are here!

I got off from my bus today evening and was walking along the pond to my way home. Its a virtually dead place during winter but today I was in for a surprise! I saw new inhabitants near the freshly melted water! I jumped with joy:

“Yay! the Geese are back!”

Canadian Geese
Canadian Geese swimming in water. On the top is a pair of ducks. Photo: April 28, 2007

It’s not that I love the Canada Goose a lot. They make the whole place crappy after a while and can be quite aggressive when in large groups, making it quite annoying (and sometimes risky) to walk on the grass.

But I was happy, because the arrival of the Geese signaled the arrival of…. wait for it… here it comes… Spring!

During winter, these birds migrate to warmer regions towards the south (i.e. USA). Only a couple of weeks back I was in New York and it looked like the Geese had taken over the city.

Canadian Geese in New York
Canadian Geese in New York. Photo: March 24, 2008

There are still large chunks of steadily melting snow on the open areas. It’s about 0°C today and I hope it gets warmer soon. Nevertheless I suddenly feel that Toronto is alive again… Welcome Spring 🙂

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  1. Bob Bob

    Hey great shot, thanks for reminding me about the possibility of spring coming soon, do you carry a camera around with you all the time?, like me,lol.

  2. Bob:
    lol, no I wish I did that 🙂 You know what? Starting tomorrow I am going to carry a camera around 🙂 I always wanted to do that and simply needed a trigger! Thanks so much for your comment, I needed that so much… [puts the camera in his bag rightaway]

  3. so it is time go use ur bike i hope and take more pics and post them on ur blog

  4. Prax:
    Yes, and thats going to happen soon 🙂

  5. perhaps you should change this (below) from your home page now 🙂


    Winter has arrived. Trees have shed almost all their leaves……..

    Happy spring moments dear!

  6. Ah Gauri, yes, thanks for reminding me 🙂

  7. Go Goose hunting Debu (Devendra). Many people consider Canada Geese as pests, while other consider them game meat and hunt them. I am against killing anyone but I wonder what could be the reason for such a large number of geese and also who are the birds’ natural predators?

  8. Hey Priyank, nice photos of the geese. It is amazing how we on the end miss something, that sometimes have enough of. Geese flying over our heads all the time now. I am still amazed how big bird like that is able to fly that high, lol. Great shots, and they look familiar, not just the geese. Anna 🙂

  9. I was going to ask where were you, but finaly found out that you’re taking care of the Canadians… OK!
    The shot is nice, but the one from NYC is stunning!
    Have a great weekend!

    Did you ever read my reply to your query on posting on local experiences while travelling?

  10. Nature unfolds before us with those signs of changing seasons and it is such a privilege to be a witness to those changes. Soon there will be more green grass and flowers blooming. Spring is here – yay!

  11. trisha trisha

    yeah agree wth trotter the NY pic is stunning

  12. Hi Anna,
    They are all here. After capturing and covering Toronto in poo they are going to attack your town. The flight of these birds is wonderful to watch, esp the way their legs are bent backwards and neck is arched to the front, oh and the screeching sound 🙂

  13. Gil oops, no I haven’t visited any blogs lately 🙁 I will shortly 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. The picture is showing NYC midtown in the background because the photo was taken from Liberty Park, Jersey city

  14. Celine, I love watching such transformations. Spring and Fall are so wonderful 🙂

  15. trisha I agree with both you and Trotter, I like the picture too. Rare instances when I get a good one just by pointing and clicking!

  16. ohhh expecting spring is the only way to overcome those gruesome winters and if u have something like these geese to give you an intimation of the the oncoming spring… things can’t get better!!

  17. Minal:
    Nice to see you commenting after a while 🙂 Migratory birds are indeed the best indicators of the end of winter!

  18. karthik karthik

    Cool.. I am seeing canadian geese in seattle too.. They are pretty and proud creatures 😀

  19. Priyank, I think they will be attacking not my town, but the flock of geese we have here, and we have many too, lol. Anna 🙂

  20. seasons are amazing and the transition is best seen in nature and birds..beautiful capture


  21. Karthik: Nice to see you commenting after a long time. Enjoy the spring 🙂

  22. lol Anna, you are funny. I hope the geese of your town shore up their defences 🙂

  23. backpakker (Lakshmi): Yup, nothing nicer than seeing migratory birds coming back home. Imagine how they must be feeling while they are flying back!

  24. You know I saw a lot of these in US and was tryg to ID them by googling and then I realized that you had a post on here I am 🙂

    • hehehe, that’s nice Lakshmi!!

  25. […] try doing various things. For example:I pay attention to the Canada geese that have currently taken over the lake shore. I check out their grazing habits, their droppings, their calls and their flight. […]

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