Her first birthday!

I laid my hands upon her within three months of arriving in Canada. She thus qualifies to be my first Canadian girl-friend and I rode her traveled with her all over the nature trails in Toronto. She’s perfect, faithful and extremely dependable. When I’m with her, I feel this amazing energy and excitement all over.

Before you start wondering what the hell is wrong, let me clarify that I am talking about my BIKE :) I got my bike on this day last year.

Bike Priyank

In the past one year I haven’t biked much – maybe because there are so few months when cycling is possible (excuses excuses). My last trip was to Kortright Center some 35 km away on 28-October-2007 almost the beginning of winter. That was already stretching it because the freezing winds gave me flu and headache the next day.

This weekend, to welcome the spring, I’m going for a bike ride again. Unfortunately temperature will still be around -2 deg C. I am desperately waiting for spring / summer now.

Happy Birthday to my bike.

22 thoughts on “Her first birthday!

  1. Everyone seems to be welcoming spring..I have too (my last post).

    Happy birthday to your inanimate gf. She looks gorgeous and I must say this picture is lovely. :)

  2. -2 degree still? How does 30 sounds to you? That is what the temperature is hovering around these days, though there are a lot of clouds and some rain today.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday to ur bike :)) hope u have safe and many more pleasingly memorable moments with her to blossom ur new relationship !!!

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