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New York city

New York City - Manhatan skyline
New York City – Manhattan skyline

Thats right. What did I do this long weekend? I went to New York City. Got soaked in the NY spirit for three-and-half days straight and that left me thirsty for more. It was too crowded due to the Easter Holiday. But that made it excitinger.

I’ll post some pictures of touristy places such as the Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, WTC, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square and, the Broadway ofcourse 🙂


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  1. Bob Bob

    Hey I’m impressed, great shot of the big apple, Moon was a very nice touch.

  2. Bob:
    Thanks 🙂 The moon looks nice but its too bright, I always have the dilemma of how to photograph the moon as well as the background, it seems impossible 🙁

  3. Priyank nice night shot of New York. Nice trip, I should try that too. Never been in New York city either, I am usually somewhere in the woods chasing birds or animals or nature shots, lol. Thanks for sharing, Anna 🙂

  4. Anna:
    Thanks for commenting. somewhere in the woods chasing birds or animals or nature shots…. I’m so desperately waiting for spring to do that 🙂 cheers

  5. wow that pic is breathtaking
    reminds me of the daylight pic my sis took of ny before the 9/11

    maybe i should post from my pics collection sometimes

  6. That’s a fabulous shot of the Manhattan skyline. Show us the other pictures – quickly please. 🙂

    Is there snow around Central Park at this time of the year?

  7. prax:
    Thanku! Yes you should start doing that! Your recent pics from Nagav were superb.

  8. Celine:
    Other pictures? I have only few I will post them shortly. All the snow in NYC has melted, because the city is so hot …. 😉

  9. hey, wow! Lovely! Ravindra was in NY yesterday, he will be in Chicago till Friday, then will go to Detroit for weekend and finally Vegas 🙂

  10. Haha..
    Did those melting waters of the snow mesmerize your eyes and give you joy and excitement in your life? lol

  11. Gauri:
    Thats a fun trip. Does his office pay for it? I am feeling envious!

  12. Celine:
    Hahaha… yea sure 😛
    But another interesting part – as we traveled from Toronto to NY (~800km), we could notice the gradual change in snow cover. And honestly, after 4 days in sunshine NY, as I was approaching Toronto, there were patches of snow around the road and I did feel like home sweet home.

  13. I’d feel more at home in NY with the sun shining happily on me. You’re probably becoming like an Yeti to be enjoying so much snow. 😛

  14. Celine, how dare you call me Yeti! You sound like a…. umm… camel?? 😛

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