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Movie hall quirks

Prax tagged me to write 10 movie quirks. However judging from other responses this sounds more like movie hall quirks 😉

  1. I tend to avoid watching movies in movie halls because the idea of so many strangers sitting in one dark cramped room on seats designed for discomfort, eating huge portions of junk food and arching their necks to stare at a bright screen scares me. If and when I go, it’s usually a date or else a gang of friends (i.e. occasions when ‘watching the movie‘ is a secondary activity.)
  2. Yes yes, I am ‘that’ guy – the one who loves chatting with friends during a movie. I find it urgent to express my sarcastic views then and there, often sending out an infectious laughter. I don’t understand why some people think watching a movie is like going to a crematorium – no smile, no talk, just focus on the only source of light in the dark room…. and uh, yes, not laugh at my mediocre jokes.
  3. I strongly believe that mainstream movies (Bollywood masala in particular) are made for people with double digit IQ’s. Missing few minutes is not going to matter at all, (at least to people who understood what I just said)
  4. I love the system in the movie halls in India (atleast in Mumbai, I don’t know other cities) – tickets have seat numbers. If I plan and book in advance, I should have the right to choose my seat in advance. Else it feels like I am boarding an unreserved compartment of a railway train or an air deccan flight… people jostle to grab good seats 30 minutes before the movie starts and the guy who planned this looks like a fool.
  5. The first thing I check is signs marked ‘EXIT’ (and show it to my friends who laugh it off.) The last thing I wanna do in a crisis situation is to squander time searching for one.
  6. I don’t understand why people zealously overpay for poor quality goods, such as food. And what exactly makes everyone hungry once they enter the confined room? Its a matter of 2-3 hours, comeon! Often the cumulative sound of people munching and slurping their food is higher than the dolby digital movie sound, not to mention the annoying smell that lingers in the hall until your nose is immune to it.
  7. Dolby digital (and other fancy) sound systems does NOT mean ‘excessively loud volume.’ After the movie people usually emerge out screaming and yelling at each other because the noise music has deafened their ear drums.
  8. I giggle when (other) people fart in closed and confined places. I have a fantasy for people who eat onion rings dipped in garlic sauce and then watch the movie with an open mouth. I secretly wish that some slimy bug with four hundred legs would slither into that opening. Seriously, the stench kills the most adorable deospray and I feel like burrying my nose in my (or my neighbor’s) armpits but then that would seem perverted.
  9. I don’t understand the craze for watching a movie on the first day paying double the price. I prefer weekday evenings when the prices are half and guess what, its the same stuff on screen!
  10. I would gladly pay more to have separate arm-rests for each chair. Some people have hairy, sweaty arms, no?

I have a feeling that hardcore movie buffs hate me now…. no, no, don’t hate me puhleezzz 🙂 See I wrote few movie reviews too!

I’m tagging.. umm… let me think. Oh, if you like it, take it up voluntarily 🙂

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  1. haha that was funny and well, I am sure I wouldn’t like to go to a movie with someone as witty as you. 😉
    but what was news to me is that you can’t get your seats reserved out there! Imagine that! btw here we get luxury seat cinema halls where you can get separate arm-chairs and there are other places where you can very wide armrests (one foot) so you can get elbow room if you want, though not at all places and depends on which ticket you buy.
    but hey, you’re right about the excessively loud volume, I hate that! But I guess it’s to protect us from talkative guys like you. 🙂

  2. Nita:
    You calling me witty? Comeon the whole blogosphere knows who’s where… ! I should be the one saying that sentence 🙂
    I’m glad you found it funny, You are a big movie fan and clearly I am something totally opposite !

    But now you finally know what “that talkative guy” thinks … LOL

  3. hey that was diametrically opposite of what anyone must have thought of while starting to tag people for movie quirks,
    but anyways enjoyed reading through it, though would never enjoying watching a movie with you in the same theater!!

  4. you are sounding more interesting than the movie I am watching right now 🙂

  5. Minal:
    Welcome to my website!
    Yes, that was the whole purpose…. and i mean it 😛 lol

  6. Lakshmi (backpakker):
    Oh you poor thing, getting tortured by a horrible movie…

  7. Priyank, you should just hope that your dream girl thinks like you. From what I guess, you aren’t married and well, like Amit said, your dating prospects will diminish as you will have to go for girls who have the same movie viewing habits like you. Amit’s explained that pretty well, and I think that’s what made him write the post in the first place!

  8. Nita:

    Your comment is verry confusing (limitations of written communication) and I have no clue if you were pissed off or humorous or sarcastic, so I dont want to reply to it 🙁

    …sorry but you sounded very judgemental, which, i am sure, is the last thing you’d do (knowing you so far.)

  9. Hi Priyank,

    So you were the guy who was talking during that show of Taare Zameen Par and sharing expert commentary. 😀

    I tend to watch many movies on TV/DVD, but I do prefer watching them on the big screen, because the experience is simply amazing. If you get a chance, do see “Lawrence of Arabia” in a hall – I think Toronto has many independent theaters. I don’t mind people laughing during a movie, but if someone makes comments loudly, then it does bother me. But I come across that mostly during BW movies, which I don’t watch that often.

  10. hey priyank , im guilty of provoking this post 🙂
    anyways its brilliant

    i think you would be good company while watching a mind numbing govinda film or maybe lets say salman film or even sahruk philm cause im done watching govinda (that is if we get free tickets and have lots of time to kill)

    i endorse all ur quirks, especially no 1
    as i also hate going to cinemas to see mediocre hindi movies, as ticket fares and bad food is atrociously expensive. As im very selective i cant endorse 2 in case of a serious or good movie.

    nita like all typical women, is keen on seeing every man settled 🙂

  11. Amit:
    Welcome to my blog 🙂 and nice to hear you too! Toronto is culturally very alive and I lovee live theatre. If the movie is sensible (not bollywood masala) then I’m a quiet boy and see such movies with rapt attention 😉

  12. Prax:
    Yea yea! You got it right man 🙂 Lets go to a mastifull (thats a new word) movie.

    ‘Nita….keen on seeing every man settled’ hehehe, maybe its the mother in her speaking, in which case i’m flattered…

  13. Haha..
    Your post evokes laughter. Good sense of humour Puku. 🙂

  14. trisha trisha

    hey Priyank am a buff but I do all that abt exit and weekday etc (dislike sitting too close thats also anothr reason choose khali days) xcept that I detest people talking during shows, so go alone – always-n my eyes are glued on that source of light 😉

  15. trisha trisha

    O but I LOVE watching movies on the big screen with the people around albeit at a distance 🙂

  16. Cellu (Celine):
    But are you ever going to watch a movie with a guy like that:P

  17. Trisha:
    Good to know there is someone crazy enough to look at EXIT signs before doing anything else 🙂

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