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Pavan Devaya Namah

“I hate the name Pavan“, I told a friend last night.

If you are an extremist Hindu OR a self-declared-guardian-of-religion OR someone who imposes their ideas of right and wrong, then buzz off.

I woke up to loud noises today morning at 5. Out of curiosity, I went to the window of my bedroom to checkout what was happening. It was too foggy but I could see lot of dust in the air. Suddenly a mid size branch of a tree came zooming by and crashed on my window. Although I was safe indoors, by reflex action I ducked. FYI, my apartment is on the 17th floor, so I am sure someone cannoned the tree branch. In a microsecond, all my laziness vanished and I became more alert than I’d have been after 3 cups of coffee (partly due to the panic, partly due to the excitement).

Later, I was walking as fast as a snail (almost) to my bus stop this morning at 6, stomping my feet hard on the snow-covered damp grass. Walking on the walkway was out of question since it was covered with ice and I didn’t want to play घसरगुंडी / फिसलपट्टी / slide at this age. The wind was too powerful and confusing – it seemed to blow from all directions and was particular interested in me. Since it was cold and windy I was covered from head to toe with winter jacket, boots, hat, gloves and scarf, leaving just a little opening for my eyes (I looked like those Afgan women wearing an Abaya, except that I don’t cross-dress) yet, it was simply impossible to walk. I was almost getting blown away.

Ah, then I realized.
Pavan पवन aka Vayu dev वायु देव, the Hindu God of Wind decided to tease me today.

Lord Pavan
So, what happens when Pavan decides to be naughty with me?
(Puku is my nickname btw)

He blows strong wind (phooo….) and sweeps me away!

Priyank - Pavan comic 1

But hey, who’s complaining??

Now, since the City of Toronto isn’t getting any better (yeah yeah, I’ve started bitching about it like any Torontonian), Pavan dev took matters in his own hands winds.

Priyank Comic2

But, ultimately the God is a guy, and boys will be boys. After all that work, he decides to cool off…

Priyank Comic3

Thanks! Pavan dev 🙂

– – –

Today was a very windy day in Toronto. Wind speeds reached as high as 50 kmph with local gusts upto 65 kmph. The cold winds stretched the temperature to -19 deg C (feels like).

I enjoyed walking in this brutal weather during lunch time, there was almost nobody on the street!

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  1. Raji Raji

    ha ha ha !

    good detour from your Israel series (which also was an interesting read).

    and it is Pawav Dev only who takes those “flying kisses” from one end to the other.


  2. Thats a hilarious post man. Pavan dev is a nice guy.. making friends with him could be quite useful. Maybe he can say “Phoo..” and control the direction of the flight of beautiful light weight damzels!
    I swear.. the winds were crazy today. And Calgary is even worse.. Thejas and Ranju had to face -31*, feels like -45* yesterday.

  3. As I read this post I shivered. Feel sorry for all the people in Toronto! 🙂

  4. Raji:
    Thanks. phooo….! one coming your way too 😉

  5. Vaarun:
    hmm… apna Pawan is upto mishief everythere! I hope Calgary guys are doing fine (and not getting blown away to north pole)

  6. Nita:
    It’s not that bad actually. Got used to it now, doesn’t affect you because most of the time everyone is indoors. And everything has heating facility – bus, stations, trains too. In fact in some (socialist) provinces, even the bus stops have heat dissipator!

  7. I wonder what will happen if they put you on CNN weather show 🙂 Good post though but knowing you personally, the picture of Marilyn Monroe at the end spoils the fun 🙂

  8. Hi there, just visiting from david mcmahon blog. Interesting blog you have, and thanks for sharing your expriences. BTW you are right about the high winds, I live 45 min from Toronto, and I thought that my roof was almost blown away. Anna 🙂

  9. Anna:
    Welcome to my blog 🙂 45 minutes from Toronto – it must be worse at your place, where are you?

  10. Ash Ash

    aavaraa! kay he!
    sahi aahe 😉

  11. arbit arbit

    Haven’t checked your blog in a while and a lot has hapenned! Nice funny post this. Will read your travelogue this week.

  12. Raul:
    You are nasty.

    awadlela aahe!

  13. Arbit:
    Great to see you after a long time. Looking forward to your comments on the travelogs 🙂

  14. Interesting, and well ”decorated” post. 😉

    It’s minus 19 deg C and winds of 50-65 kmph..
    and you “enjoyed walking”” in that “brutal weather”! What stuff are you made of? Is it a case of when the going gets tough, the tough get going? 🙂

  15. Cellu:
    You are potentially dangerous. You have too much information about me. I have given instructions to my agents. Anytime now…. 😛

  16. huh?
    *wham* *wham*
    et tu brute..
    i mean..puku?
    *dead, very very dead*

  17. Priyank, thanks for giving me a perspective, I have been cribbing and moaning about the Delhi winter, down with cold as well and three days teaching per week! The good thing is we are heading out soon!

  18. Celine:
    MUHAHAHAHAHA…. The devilish laughter….
    but my whole sentence was:
    “Anytime now… they will come and rescue you”

    And today is a snow storm, I couldn’t even go to work…

  19. Yair Yair

    I never understand how friendly you guys (Hindus) are with your Gods! Salutes to the god of winds 🙂

  20. trisha trisha

    apart from the post, your exchange with celine made for fun-reading too…like a cup of Kolkata tea(sans elaichi, sans bay leaves, sans adrak, full of natural aroma, soaked not boiled-ubala hua nahin!;-)) on a bright winter afternoon…loved the banter…play on words-hilarious.

  21. Yair:
    Concept of God in Hinduism is quite different than that in Abrahamic religions. God is not off-limits and often there is humor, satire and other creative expressions depicting various deities. Maybe Wikipedia is a good resource to start with.

  22. Trisha:
    You are commenting after a long time 🙂 I am happy that you found this entertaining.

  23. Phoooo…

    Right now Mumbai is also under pawan torture. 😛 But yeah, having been to so many cold places I know what you were trying to convey.

    And you natkhat Puku, Marilyn Monroe ?? Ha Ha…
    Sahiiiii aahe. 😛

  24. Cuckoo:
    Marlyn Monroe would be laughing in heaven 😉

  25. thats a very hilarious post..I would like some air here ..a bit claustrophobic

  26. backpakker (Lakshmi):
    PHOO…. there! I’ve asked my buddy (Pavan dev) to redirect all the winds to Bangalore!

  27. lol @ that last phooo. Tya eka line sathi akkhi post lihilis na, khara saang! 😛

    Got here from Mahendra’s. Adding to the “hate mails” 😉


    • Welcome Gauri! उत्तर बरोबर अाहे!!

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