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These kids from Bhivpuri village near Matheran, a hill station close to Mumbai, were eager to get photographed. The toddler in the girl’s arms started laughing after the flash of my camera went off 🙂 It was such a wonderful moment!

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  1. lovely pic and the happiness is radiated in their faces..had a similar experience in Arunachal Pradesh..u can see the pics in my AP post

  2. Hi Priyanka,
    This was heart warming! People like these kids are common in India! Good to know there are people who care for them!
    Nice blog!

  3. Priyank, Nice shot.. I liked the liveliness of these cuties

  4. How come I missed out on these kids when I was in Matheran in Feb this year? Oh Bhivpuri. 😉

    Interesting expressions of glee on their faces. Did you change it to B&W later?

  5. backpakker:
    Thanks so much. Will check out your post now 🙂

    Welcome to my blog. I’m glad you liked the blog.
    However, my name is Priyank (male), not Priyanka (female)!

  6. Pijush:

    Maybe they ran away when they heard that Celine-bhai was visiting them. Yeah, I changed it to B&W later.

    You’ll encounter the inner Bhivpuri village if you trek to Matheran from the Garbut point.

  7. Mandar Mandar

    Matheran – Brings back beautiful memories.

    Nice pic Puku.

  8. Mandar:
    LOL (you know what that laugh was for)

  9. Lovely picture Priyank. So whe are the pics from Israel trip coming up?

  10. Mridula:
    Thanks! Slight delay, I’m flying on the 20th.

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