These kids from Bhivpuri village near Matheran, a hill station close to Mumbai, were eager to get photographed. The toddler in the girl’s arms started laughing after the flash of my camera went off :) It was such a wonderful moment!

10 thoughts on “Kids

  1. How come I missed out on these kids when I was in Matheran in Feb this year? Oh Bhivpuri. ;)

    Interesting expressions of glee on their faces. Did you change it to B&W later?

  2. backpakker:
    Thanks so much. Will check out your post now :)

    Welcome to my blog. I’m glad you liked the blog.
    However, my name is Priyank (male), not Priyanka (female)!

  3. Pijush:

    Maybe they ran away when they heard that Celine-bhai was visiting them. Yeah, I changed it to B&W later.

    You’ll encounter the inner Bhivpuri village if you trek to Matheran from the Garbut point.

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