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Lonely Tonight?

Lonely Tonight

And thou shant be lonely ever again….

There are some things in life which are priceless. This piece of paper with that message scribbled on it by my best buds V & R is one of those things.

So this one day (29-June) we were returning from some place after doing some shit. And for some reason, despite not having taken any caffeine (in the liquid form), the testosterone levels in the group were running high. I don’t remember how, but as natural as it would sound for three 24/25 year old guys to talk about the ‘feeling of closeness‘ (you know what I mean ;)), we drifted to this topic.

After talking nonsense for a while and almost to the point of getting bored, suddenly at the next signal this car drew up next to ours and there was a pretty lady in it. When I mean pretty, I mean an ideal candidate for giving the feeling of closeness mentioned above. Needless to say, a car chase began. However, the fourth buddy, who was driving the car was too diligent a driver and conveniently ignored our provocations to chase that blonde bombshell (cliché).

Damn! we lost her.

So again, as natural as it would sound for three 24/25 year old guys, we started planning our next move. Also, as natural as it would sound for three MBA students neck deep into school load, we started talking about identifying the target, optimizing the process, increasing the efficiency, communicating concise message, blah blah blah

Then something happened, I don’t quite recollect (or I’m simply lying because I’m too embarrassed to post it here). My friends fished out a piece of paper (which was actually an assignment graded a day before) and scribbled those words on the back of it. For those who are fussy about bandwidth and surf the internet with images switched off, here is the complete text:
Hot girl in car

Lonely Tonight?
Contact Puku At:
[my telephone number]
And its free !!!

Before I knew, another potential candidate to give that feeling of closeness appeared and this newly created banner, aka personal ad was waived at her.

Predictably, we lost that car too, and we were nearing the student residences. Shit!

I was being a bitch that day, and V & R were determined to victimize me. Again something happened and I don’t quite remember it, but my buddies threatened that they’d post this ‘ad’ on the bulletin board of our apartment. Since I’m extra smart, I challenged them to do it anyway.

They did it. They actually did it.

This advertisement was posted on the bulletin board of my apartment, without me knowing about it.

So, dear V & R, after say five years when we will be in different places doing different things, this will be one of the memories we’ll always cherish. (A melodramatic dialog pops out)

Vaarun adds:
Its just fun to grind your bud’s so called societal status into the ground, isnt it? And a challenge is a challenge is a challenge…

Rahul and myself, we put this poster up on the main entrance to Puku’s massive apartment building. We then pinned him to the ground, cause he was trying to get the poster off. In a matter of moments, a girl came toward the building with her guy, looked at the poster and burst into peels of laughter! She din’t know that the “Puku” from the notice board was the same guy that was pinned down, and looking completely red in the face! The fellow got rid of the poster that night, but I wish some folks we knew from school had seen it. 🙂

Rahul would have loved to add but currently he is busy with Porter’s 5 force model, which is instructing him to ignore trivial stuff like this.

1. Puku is my popular name, but you wouldn’t know that unless you’ve read this post
2. I appeal to female chauvinists or self-declared moralists to hold their breath. This wasn’t as bad as it sounds.

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  1. You are making yourself out to be a freaking noble gentleman! Readers: I can tell you that Puku is quite notorious around here for debauchery.

  2. Awesome post ! Enjoyed every bit of it. 🙂

    And “feeling of closeness” ?? Ha Ha…
    I though it should have been “Feeling of … ” .. fill in the blanks pls. 😀

    @Varun: Yes, I agree with you. Puku is not that gentleman. 😉
    Puku, Itna acting kaiko ?

  3. Vaarun:
    Man, that challenge is over, don’t grind my e-societal status to dust… and that too on my own personal weblog! phew!!

    Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, fill in the blanks please :p
    do you think i should have made it more explicit – feeling of sexual pleasure ?? LOL
    Hey I’m intrinsically a shy guy, look it took me 5 months to post this here!

  4. Matt Matt

    If I blogged about this stuff it would get annoying. Something like this happens to me or someone around me at least 2 times a day.

  5. Ash Ash

    It looks like you haven’t spared the Canadians either 😉

  6. Matt:
    Indeed this IS a description of something that happens to me or someone around me at least two times a day, I just chose to narrate one in detail. Anyway, the blog doesn’t have to do anything with the incident per se, but is more about preserving the memories, etc.

    Why should I ? :p

  7. 🙂 that was great fun..I was trying to visualise the whole thing ..would have made a great bakra on MTV

  8. Dude.. nice post.. and yes not that bad as I guesses in the beginning. But as you rightly said “Why should you spare them” 🙂 just chill… LOL
    We had done many mischivous acts in early corporate life, one of them was to register my TL’s email ID in a porn site 🙂

  9. backpakker:
    Yeah:) That’d be more fun

    I’m sure you’ll be TL some day (if not already) and I’ll pray that your team will do the same to you…. hahaa!

  10. Visitors to Puku’s blog: Please note his number is (416) 650 2566 [hey, you did not cancel it neatly enough:P]

    Freaking noble gentleman who’s into debauchery (not my words, but Varun’s, since he knows you better ;)), I admire your sense of humor and more importantly, your grit to share such interesting stuff.

    Heart warming post. 🙂

  11. Celine:
    aaarghhh…. You are always quick to catch the mistakes that I deliberately make 😀

    Glad to know you liked the post;) There are more stories btw, un-bloggable ones.

  12. 🙂 that was very funny !

  13. memories like this are the Time of One’s life

  14. Prax:

    Welcome to my blog. What you say is indeed true 🙂

  15. Great post! That one brought back memories.

  16. Nice one dude, you do the craziest of things with ur buds and cherish em for the rest of ur life. nobody had vcam?? it would have been funnier,

  17. Nice one dude, you do the craziest of things with ur buds and cherish em for the rest of ur life. nobody had vcam?? it would have been funnier,

  18. Paul:
    I bet 🙂

    haha, that’d have been funnier!

  19. Tommy Tommy

    Hey !
    What are you talking about? 😀

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