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Highway 407 solution

Previous post had a picture puzzle. Unfortunately nobody could precisely spot the thing I edited, although your responses might have been influenced by the effect generated by the edit. So, if you said ‘horizon’, then you get a passing grade 🙂

This is what I edited. A light pole in the middle of the picture. I removed it because it was ugly, right in the front and appearing important:

Highway 407 edit

The horizon was NOT edited, it looks like one, but thats just a coincidence 🙂

Thanks all for participating. Funny thing is that none of my real-world friends commented here, they preferred chatting 😀

Update Note: The picture posted here is the original pic. Thanks Mandar for the hint 😉

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  1. But that pole is still there. 😀

  2. Anon Anon

    May be you could have added the original pic as well in this post…

  3. Cuckoo:
    Are you a lawyer 🙂

    Hi. It would be nice if you identify who you are. Original post is linked at the very beginning, and also it’s just the previous post. Thanks

  4. Mandar Mandar

    Hey Puku,

    Anon (whoever he is?), had asked for Apples you gave him Bananas….

    Is your major Marketing by any chance? MBAs (Marketing) are good at that … LoL

    Have a nice weekend!!!

  5. Mandar:

    Oops! Thanks for pointing out the folly! (I am laughing at myself)

  6. Nice puzzle! what did you use for the edit?

  7. Vaarun:
    Thanks!. I use Paint Shop Pro.

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