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Highway 407

407 Highway
407 Express Toll Route, going East-West just North of Toronto

Highway 407, a 107 km long route, is one of the better-designed freeways in the province of Ontario because of its recent design. This road opened in 1997 and is one of the few freeways in Canada that are privately owned. Users have to pay toll to access it.

The 407 uses a system of cameras and transponders to toll vehicles automatically. There are no toll booths, hence the name “Express Toll Route” (ETR). Highway 407 is designed as a normal freeway but without the need for toll booth intermediaries which could otherwise take up significant land, raise operating cost and increase travel time. A radio antenna detects when a vehicle with a transponder has entered and exited the highway, calculating the toll rate. For vehicles without a transponder, an automatic number plate recognition system is used. Monthly statements are mailed to users. The 407 is the world’s first highway to feature this system throughout.
– (Wikipedia)

The reason this highway is special for me is because:
a. I see it thru my window, and
b. A frequently used bike route passes over this freeway.

:::::And now a simple question:::::

I have edited this picture, can you spot the edit?

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  1. Wonderful Capture Priyank. Fascinating

  2. no, i cannot spot..but whew ! what a view – its awesome

  3. Pijush:
    Thanks! But you didn’t read the post eh?

    Some people have replied on chat/email…. LOL I thought it’d be easy to spot!

    I’ll post the solution soon.

  4. Priyank,
    It is that line of the horizon.
    Interesting to learn about private highways in Canada, a country with a socialised healthcare system.

  5. Interesting read on this Highway and a lovely picture. Do you by any chance live in Mississauga? Does this highway lead to Niagara Falls?

    I could spot the edit Puku. It’s a horizontal joint approximately at the centre of the picture, isn’t it?

  6. Ramboboc:
    Healthcare is really a big cow, it employs 6% of Canadian workforce – wow.

    I live in North Toronto, this highway eventually joins 403, which eventually goes to Niagara Falls… lol

    Rambodoc, Celine
    Incorrect, the horizon line is not edited.
    However, your reply might have been the result of other modification in the picture, so I give you benefit of doubt.

  7. To all those who have attempted solving this while chatting with me:

    Kevin, Mandar, Ash, Ketan, Phil have got it right, albeit after one or more attempt 😀

    I dont know why you are hesitating to post here 😀

  8. Very informative and the picture is awesome. I envy you now ! 😀

    The edited portion is the series of pole lights going thru right in the centre on top of the horizon.

    Let us know it asap. 🙂

  9. Cuckoo:
    Thanks:) And you’ve seen the solution already!

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