Om Shanti Om

Me loving a Shah Rukh Khan movie?
The movie must have been reeally good. Yes it was :)

Om Shanti Om

Om Shanti Om, directed by Farah Khan, stars Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in the lead roles as the protaganists while Shreyas Talpade and Arjun Rampal feature in supporting roles. It is a typical yes-nonsense Bollywood masala movie. It is also the kind of movie that I seldom watch.

OSOIf you want to watch this movie, there are three prerequisites. First, you need a gang of noisy and enthusiastic friends who scream, sing and dance along with the movie. Second, you need to leave your left brain behind (you know, the one which thinks logically). Finally, you must not expect to learn a thing or two from the movie – thats because you won’t, there is nothing to take home.

The movie promises total fun, as it transitions swiftly from Bolywood in 70′s to Bollywood now. Kiran Kher’s deliberate melodramatic scenes and SRK+Shreyas’s retro outfits combine with some smacking satire on the movies of those times to make an interesting watch. There’s lot of talk about Shahrukh’s six pack, and he flaunts them in the only totally un-required song (making it uglier) – but then thats Bollywood.

Om Shanti OmOne of the best parts of the movie was the Filmfare awards ceremony – with all the nominations and announcement of awards. The other astonishing part was the item song with several filmstars – present and past. As a MBA student who finds it difficult to schedule a meeting of 8 people at the same time, same place, I wonder how this was done.

On a side note, this movie makes the de-Sankritization of Hindi movies complete. Increasingly the movies are filled with English, or, Urdu words, that often leave me wondering with what the guy on screen just said. Ah…

Highly recommended watch. Never believed a reincarnation story could be that entertaining ;)

19 thoughts on “Om Shanti Om

  1. I was grossed out (esp. the farting scene), which is actually saying something! But then my age and reaction must be as rational as yours’ are. Whatever, SRK will laugh his way to the bank, gaining from those who love it as much as from those who hate his movie.

  2. SRK looks very old in the movie… I am his biggest fan but I think he should stop playing lead roles and do something Chak De style instead. It hurts to see him on screen like that. Otherwise the movie was very refreshing. Just in your words, ‘watch the movie and forget it’

  3. Rambodoc:
    Farting scene?? ermm.. I don’t remember it! But then I was more busy celebrating the movie with friends and a bunch of girls screaming on the next row.

    I agree with the age thing.

    Yep – its watch it and forget it kinds.

    Yes! I knew that, someone told me. I hope you enjoy the movie too :)

  4. backpakker:
    Yeh, its nice movie, no baggage:)

    Lemme know if you like it.

    This one is not Karan Johar kinds… plus SRK didn’t overact… so no torture!

  5. I liked it. Its full paisa usul bindas movie. I am also a fan of king khan and happy to see a complete hindi movie.
    Hey, I am not getting your feeds, is it coz u changed the design of the blog.

  6. it’s great for me….for myself ….because..this movie..i have heard from my, BF [ rick ]…

    I havn’t seen that…he says me, this story, & that’s why i got interest to watch the movie ..he says me..MOAN

    my previous post …was about the film..the film is greteast I must say….

    I haven’t seen the last portion of it..whis is the imp part of the film..last 2-3 mint,,..for the LOADSHEDING, ,HE SAYS me..the past part…& I must say ” the film is gretest “..& I think..the leading role….is only ” deepika “..she looks beutiful, over here..& being, the ghost….she acts, beautiful..& win the every viewer’s mind

    I must aprreciate…to DEEPKA, for doing, such a great job…

    & thanks…to my BF also…[ who, helps me to...tell the brief..& entire story ] of..OM SANTI OM

  7. THIS story, is co-releated with our life, HE SAYS [ my
    OM SANTI OM…..thwe spl movie, for myself…..these cause….

    he says, SOMEONE…THE DREAM BOY…akash, mine, & my bf [rick's]..story this is..

    HE SAYS..that he is OM….meri DEWANE [:D]..I am just very very glad…& cheerful..that how..much he loves me, & the film is related..with our story ..

    he also says, i am deepika..that means…SANTI …[ ha ha ha ha ] is his, childish matter, but, these acts, I reallly like..

    now, coming into story, ARJUT RAMPAL [ most 7 the gretast vilen ]..IN THIS FILM…i must appreciate..his acts, per vilen….bt, [ his personality, dress code etc ]..r very …attractive…

    deepika [ santi priya ]..her smile, eyees…sweetness, smoothery….r…really..mind blowing..apperance….her simplicity is also…as ” tarif ke kabil “…exellent! deepeka

    & atlast, our KING KHAN, bolluwud , MR, sharukh, HIS…apperence, genunieness….r most most preferrable….& too much HOT..

    bt,splly, DEPIKA’S role…attract my heart a lot ..songs viz. [ main agar kahuu , akhon me teri ]..r mind blowing…& her leading role…her eye’s ray …r simply… everyone!

    that’s why, I will offcourse say, OM SANTI OM…[ among in few meny, greatest films ]…

  8. Welcome to my blog moumita (moan ). I really appreciate you expressing your feelings here. This has added a personal touch to my blog post. I think it is a wonderful movie indeed. Once again, many thanks for writing such elaborate comments :)

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