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Clouds from [tag]Kedar Kantha[/tag] peak
Sun rays piercing through a blanket of clouds. Looks like a spaceship to me!

Picture taken: May 2005, about 13,000ft from the base of Kedar Kantha peak. Here is the travelogue of my [tag]Har-Ki-Doon[/tag] trek. The weather was changing so rapidly that within 30 minutes we had a hail shower, bright sunlight and then a wet spell. Needless to say, it was chilly, but unbelievably beautiful outside.

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  1. Wow, thats a beautiful picture Priyank. Congrats!! I love the title, spaceship.

  2. Beautiful shot… what is your equipment?

  3. Great shot, Priyank, as always!

    Oemar: //Beautiful shot… what is your equipment?// – I’d love Rambodoc to take a shot at that! 😉

  4. Sorry to be off-topic. But I was updating one of my posts and found a comment by you Priyank on 21st July! I always thought you were a very recent reader of my blog, finding my blog via Mahendra’s blog, but I guess you had visited before. 🙂

  5. Nita:
    Thanks 🙂 Oh I don’t remember correctly, maybe I did visit your blog before!

    It’s a pretty basic camera – Canon Powershot A 520. The best part abt it is the manual functions.

    and Rambodoc? ahem!

  6. they are coming…
    no ‘they’ are already here..

  7. I love the fact you chance the settings rather than set the “auto”, I do that too (although I more often than not end up with something I didn’t intend to produce). It’s worth it for the odd wonderful photograph I occassionally take. This picture has captured everything I am talking about – it’s wonderful. Having viewed your profile, I guess I side with your grandmother on many of your activities, but I can’t help but to applaude your thirst for exploration and adventure. This world can always use more folk who are prepared to question, and to “do”. (Smile)

  8. Wow.. Nice shot Priyank. Thanks for visiting my blog, I have been many times in your blog and I liked your phrase “I believe I can fly” .

  9. A very beautiful shot of ethereal beauty. It lead me to the rest of your travelogue and I had a great time especially trekking along with you up the mountains virtually. 🙂

  10. Hans:
    Yeah, they will come here soon!

    Hey, welcome to my website and many thanks for your comments. I agree with you, manual photography settings are complicated, but the rewards make you smile anyway!

  11. Pijush:
    Thanks man, I’ve added your feed, so I won’t miss any of your posts:)

    Thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed the travelog 🙂

  12. vow it really does like a space ship. Had rakesh roshan seen it, his budget for the special effects could’ve been shrinked 🙂

  13. Maverick:
    HAHA 😀

    Anusha, Shooting Star:
    Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment 🙂

  14. Gauri Gauri

    wow! lovely shot:)

  15. awesome …ive read the entire post…i think you are very lucky to be able to go on this trek..its simply beautiful

  16. Gauri:
    Thanks, this is the same old pic;)

    Hey thanks 🙂

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