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Woollen hand gloves

I am dressed as a soldier and I’m fighting a war against terrorists. I can see typical scenes of wars that are shown in movies- few soldiers firing from behind their bunks, camouflaged with black stripes on face, leaves attached to their green uniforms, lot of dust, chaos and noise.

Hand GlovesI’m a very good army man, perhaps a specialist hired on contract for this particular operation. However, I notice a particular trend in my style. I seem to shoot only at opponents who are wearing hand gloves. Woollen hand gloves in particular. This habit doesn’t bother me, and it looks like I have followed this trend for years.

Now I’m shooting the terrorists and moving ahead, and suddenly their leader stands facing me. We look into each others’ eye and I grin. This is going to be my best shot. As I position my gun, ready to shoot, suddenly I notice that he is not wearing any hand gloves. I am extremely disappointed! I get panicked and simply don’t know what to do. I can’t shoot a man not wearing gloves!

End of scene.

In next scene, I’m at a bar, drinking with someone who looks like my good friend. Next moment, I notice that he is none other than the dreaded criminal whom I pardoned and made friendship with. I am absconding from my duty and my seniors are furious about it.

Its some special day (maybe his birthday), and I present my new friend with a gift (can you guess what it is?)

A brand new set of hand gloves.

He is happy to receive a gift.
He puts them on instantly.

And then, I shoot him. I still remember the expressions on his face- shocked with disbelief.

– – –
I woke up after this happened and couldn’t sleep that night. I kept thinking about it for over a week…

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  1. Heyyy what’s happening ? Are you okay ? Why do you see such dreams ? Are you going through some stress off late ? Or is it some volcano erupting out ?
    Give it a deep thought.. what could be the reason.

    Tonight I must pray for you.

    Take Care, have a Happy(dreamless) week ahead.

  2. i always thought the killer usually wear gloves to get around the finger print mess n stuff. this is reallly ‘hatke’ story :). btw y the hell r u not there in my blogroll yet, im doing it now 🙂

  3. Gives an entirely different perspective to “the criminals were hands in gloves with the terrorists”…

    I have only one word for your dream: intriguing. It is very, very, intriguing.

  4. Cuckoo:
    Oh don’t worry Cuckoo, I’m fine. This is the dream I had about an year back. I usually write my dreams in a little journal 🙂
    But hey, a prayer will help anyway !!

    I’m a ‘hatela’, so this is hat ke story!
    Hey I already blogrolled you a while back.

    lol! hands in glove!
    I plan to weave this into some bigger story soon:)

  5. So can you say “I got him red-handed” if his gloves are red? Or is it that you never really catch anybody red handed?

    Also – this woolen hand glove preference could be less than ideal or could be a blessing. Imagine this:

    You “secret phone” rings deep into the night. You wake up cursing and pick up the phone. You answer with a sleepy but irritable “What?”. The voice on the other line says “We need you in Baghdad right away. Super covert operation. I think we may be able to pick up a trail that would lead us to Osama”. You answer “Forget it. I hear it is 120 degrees there now – his hands are probably clean now”. The other ways says “Doh!” in Homer Simpson style and hangs up. You smile and go back to sleep.

  6. Arun:
    Oh I was just trying to wool the terrorist to gain my confidence.
    And you are right, thats exactly why Osama is still at large… I can’t get him in that heated zone:D I prefer Homer.

  7. So, this is a handy excuse to act weird, isn’t it? Don’t pull the wool over our eyes, my friend, for we can see the wolf in sheep’s clothings.
    Incidentally, for commandos like you, a likely trauma to sustain in the battlefield is a degloving injury!

  8. Forgive me if I try to interpret your dream…
    the ‘terrorists’ symbolize some group of people you know in your real life.You think you know how to identify them, but actually when you come face to face you realise that you could be wrong. This is terrifying to you.
    I hope there are no racism issues for you out there my friend.

  9. Rambodoc:
    Ouch that ‘de-gloving’ thing hurts!

    I had this dream about one year back. Fortunately there are no issues here at all. Thanks for the concern…

  10. I believe you ve been watching a lot of Jason Bourne stuff (perhaps all the three parts in one shot)…. or maybe you WERE some intelligence agency operative before you lost your memory… good to see it coming back 😉 keep us posted

  11. wow your website is really well-done. do gimme some tips! 🙂

  12. Gauri Gauri

    hey dude, this is a perfect plot for a Charlie Sheen movie! glad you are taking the fiction writing seriously!

  13. Wonder how you get such weird dreams!!

    / *scratches head*

  14. Oemar:
    Yeah man, I was doing that!! That explains 🙂

    Welcome to my blog
    Tips and me? Nahh… Hey your blog is cool anyway!

    Thanks 🙂

    Welcome to my blog.
    I wonder the same!

  15. I swear my first reaction on reading this was…”are you f*cking kidding me?”
    I too have some whacky dreams at times..but this beats them all 🙂

    As an aside..nice work with the website.

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