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The Lover

Note: This is not what it might sound like. I urge you to continue reading 🙂

– – –
[tag]Invisible man[/tag]They were dating for about three months now. It was only today that they decided to move their relationship ahead and have [tag]sex[/tag]. She arrived at his apartment and they started kissing. She sat on the bed while he was standing in front of her, bending down to kiss her tender lips. His torso was supported by his hands resting on the bed. His palms adjacent to her thighs gripped the sheets firmly. For a brief moment they stopped kissing and she looked at his eyes intently. She was rubbing her hand on his forearms which were covered by his pink formal shirt. The guy was wearing gloves and was virtually covered from top to bottom (weird). He started unbuttoning his shirt while they still kissed with their eyes shut. The next moment she opened her eyes and looked at her right hand which was still caressing his left forearm, now supposedly naked.

– – –
She screams.

The guy had removed his shirt and she expected to see him shirtless. Instead, she couldn’t see him at all…. He was invisible!

‘Invisible!’ she thinks to herself and freaks out.

“What the f—”, she says.

The man replies with an naughty grin, “Yeah, so I am invisible”
Building in my [tag]dream[/tag]
She scrambles to get away from him, he chases her.

The apartment is quite high, perhaps on 25th floor of the building. It is a huge studio apartment with the street facing side having a full glass wall. Had the glass been normal, people outside or on the street could have been able to see inside the apartment. But this glass had unidirectional transparency. His washroom seemed like a block protruding out of his studio. Again, it was a glass box. From the street, the building looked like a huge glass wall, with just one glass block standing out from it, from the 25th floor.

She ran into the washroom and bolted the door firmly from inside. He was banging on the door saying something incomprehensible. She looked around the bathroom to find something useful. She found a gas lighter. It looks like a gun, except that it triggers a flame instead of a bullet. (I’ve seen people light candles with it). She opens the glass window and screams, but being at this height makes her screams meaningless.
She observes that there is a red coloured cylindrical hoarding hanging from the washroom window. She finds some inflammable liquid in the bathroom throws some of it on the cloth hoarding and ignites it with the lighter. Clearly, she is trying to attract attention, but her efforts still go in vain.

Then, she points the lighter to a smoke detector and instantly the apartment starts blaring with the fire alarm. She is certain that authorities will arrive there soon. Water starts spraying from the automatic showers and this douses the flame generating capability of the lighter permanently. (Wonder why) She is shocked and doesn’t know what to do.

– – –

That’s it. I wake up all sweaty and confused. 🙂

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  1. Oh my… that was absolute thriller !!

    You are an excellent story weaver. Tell me honestly.. it is a story woven by you, right ? Never I thought it could be a dream.

    And that picture matching with the story.

  2. Ash Ash

    you should consider a career in writing. फारच् छान वर्णन 🙂

  3. What a coincidence! Just today, I was ruminating over whether to write about a cataclysmic suspense dream I had the other night, and I come and read this! (that is, assuming it was a dream, else you’re a budding fiction writer!)

  4. Cuckoo:
    It was a real dream. I had it just 2 days back! My dreams typically end with a death (usually me) but this one didnt, probably because the alarm rang!


    Cataclysmic dream! Yea I’m eager to read it!!
    And part 2 of your comment about writing fiction, yes I am thinking of doing that:D Thanks

  5. Dramabaaz! Kiye karaye pe paani…

  6. Cool blog Priyank. You should continue this story ahead. Will come here often now.

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