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Bhangra music on Sitar

Inspired by Krish Ashok’s masterpiece, I attempted playing the same Punjabi music on my Sitar. This is a bhangra song, I don’t remember the name, but if you do then let me know. (I hope it sounds like what it is supposed to.)

Here is the result:


If you are unable to see the player above, here is the mp3 file:

mp3 bhangra_on_sitar.mp3

The piece is played on my Sitar which is dying but still manages to produce some sound. I had a crude mic to record this (and somewhere in the clip you can hear birds chirping.) The clip has 3 sound tracks, mixed in Goldwave.

I think the clip is not great but I enjoyed playing some non-classical stuff for a change and then mixing the tracks 🙂

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  1. Joseph Joseph

    great mr. sitarist. finally we get to hear your music.
    the song is “mundiya tu bach ke rahi” if I am not mistaken.

  2. Wow ! That was awesome !!

    In one of my posts I had asked you which instrument do you play but the reply never came. 🙁 Now I know. 🙂

    Definitely it sounds like bhangra !! And I agree with Joseph. The song is “Mundya tu bach ke rahiN”.

    Some more please.

  3. priyank – That was quite good and does sound quite “bhangraish” (although i am an extremely poor judge – a big zero on almost all music from north india)

  4. Ash Ash

    Hi Priyank!
    khupach sundar:) Middle part needs improvement, but yes it ofcours sounds like punjabi music. abhinandan

  5. Joseph:
    Ah thanks mate !!

    Ah, I must have forgotten to check back. Sorry about that.
    Glad you liked it!

    Thanks man! [screams: Yay! I got a compliment from Carnatik music guru]

    dhanyawaad. Yes I have to improve a lot:)

  6. oh no priyank!!! A “music guru” in my book would be someone (a) who can talk about the details AND (b) more importantly demonstrate/perform himself/herself (i.e. vocal or play an instrument) in a way that the listeners will not close their ears and rush to the exit. I can guarantee you that I fail the part (b) quite miserably. It is mostly theory and very little practice in my case.

    I am just an avid fan of the music who also wants to know the nuts and bolts kind of stuff.

  7. Ah! This sounds more ‘bhangraish’ than Ashok’s violin version. Probably because the sound of a string being plucked is more exciting and invigorating (like popular music), than the sound of a string being brushed against!

  8. Arunk:
    you are so modest:)

    aha! My bhangra sounds to ‘classicalish’ though!

  9. Only 42 seconds? I wanted to hear more. It’s lovely. 🙂

  10. Celine:
    Oh, was it 42 seconds?? I will record something better and upload:)

  11. wow one more of ur many tallents

    though bhangda isnt my most fav this sounds cool 🙂

  12. Prax:
    Thanks buddy, and this is not a good piece 😀

  13. Hi KCS: Welcome to my website and thanks for commenting here!

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