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Dombivli Fast

कालच्या ई-सकाळ मध्ये ही बातमी वाचली आणि अचानक डोंबिवलीची (घरची) आठवण झाली.

अनेक पुरस्कारांनी नावाजलेल्या, प्रेक्षक आणि समीक्षकांच्या प्रशंसेस पात्र ठरलेल्या तसेच राष्ट्रीय व आंतरराष्ट्रीय पातळीवर गौरविलेल्या “डोंबिवली फास्ट’ या चित्रपटाने आपल्या शिरपेचात आणखी एक मानाचा तुरा खोवला आहे. ….
आज जाहीर झालेल्या राष्ट्रीय पुरस्कारांमध्ये सर्वोत्कृष्ट प्रादेशिक चित्रपटाचा (मराठी) बहुमान त्याने मिळविला. स्वदेशी एण्टरटेन्मेंट प्रस्तुत समीर गायकवाडनिर्मित आणि निशिकांत कामत दिग्दर्शित या चित्रपटाने चांगले यश मिळविले होते.

Dombivali Fast

तुम्ही हा चित्रपट पाहीला नसेल तर लगेच् बघा, चुकवू नेये असा चित्रपट आहे. माधव आपटे ही व्यक्ति चित्रपटात तुमच्या-आमच्यातली आजवर लपून रहीलेली एक गडद रंग छटा सादर करते. माधव आपटे – एक सामान्य माणूस. बॅंकेत चांगल्या पदावर नोकरी, बायको, दोन मुलं, संसार सुखाने करावा, अशी इच्छा मनात, पण तत्त्वं सांभाळताना त्याची कसरत व्हायची…. अतीशय छान परीक्षण येथे वाचा.

खरंच… खुप काळानंतर मला उत्तम कथा, सादरीकरण व छायाचित्रण या चित्रपटात बघायला मिळालं. कथेचा वेग योग्य तर आहेच्, पण त्याच् बरोबर कलाकारांची भूमिका ही अप्रतीम. शेवट जरा विचित्र वाटला, पण तरी बराच वास्तववादी आहे.

Dombivili Fast

[tag]Dombivli[/tag] Fast is a [tag]Marathi[/tag] [tag]movie[/tag] that was made in 2005. It is the story of Madhav Apte, a middle-class Marathi man who lives in Dombivli, a suburb some 50km away from Mumbai. He is a man with principles, who has a simple aim in life – to support his family and keep them happy. Madhav is troubled by the endless struggle and the problems that surround him. Suburban trains in Mumbai are referred to by their destination and speed. [tag]Dombivli Fast[/tag] thus indicates a local train that originates / terminates in Dombivli and stops at select stations (hence the word ‘fast’).

The film has won a string of domestic and international award, latest being the National award for best picture. The movie is based on a storyline that people of Mumbai can instantly identify with.

Marathi director Nishikant Kamath is making his Tamil debut by remaking this movie(starring R. Madhavan and Sangeetha) – Evano Oruvan

I remember watching the movie in a house-full hall. Even after the movie ended, people just sat there, in silence… it is a story that everyone can associate themselves with.

Dombivli is my hometown by the way.

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  1. The moment I saw this on your blog, I smiled. 🙂

    I knew you had talked about Dombivli in one of your comments on my blog. Could not get to see the movies though. It is in my list.

  2. Kevin Rodrigues Kevin Rodrigues

    I managed to get a cd of dombivili fast. hope to watch it tomorrow and i hope the language is not too intense.

  3. Cuckoo:
    I bet you’ll enjoy the movie. And I hope you are converted to a Mumbaikar now 😉

    Currently in movie watching phase eh? Language is simple!

  4. I have been wanting to see this movie for some time. I plan too soon.

  5. Nita:
    I’m sure you will like it!

  6. Kumar Kumar

    hi Priyank
    I haven’t read any blogs b4, mostly cnn, wiki, cricinfo, idlebrain and other monotonous stuff… somehow stumbled upon ur site n got kinda addicted.. I guess I have arrived to the blog party, a liitle late(as usual).. what i like most about ur stories is the honesty, humor, sarcasm and of course a unique point of view.. followed some links from your site to other interesting blogs as well…
    Mumbai locals must be quite n experience, our Hyderabad(where I am originally from) bus/trains r not far behind either.. but after reading this, I feel a little nostalgic, and would not complain anymore about not finding a seat on the NJ Transit (Fast, If I may call it)… from Princeton Junction to New York Penn Station… that I take everyday…
    Keep up the good work… now my train journeys aren’t boring, and I hardly realize that I couldn’t find a seat..
    Priyank Thatte.. Chak De Phatte…

  7. Kevin Menezes Kevin Menezes

    can i get dialogues of Dombivali Fast ?

  8. Kumar:
    Welcome to my website and thanks for the comment. Like I replied to you by email, I really appreciate your encouragement. Cheers!

  9. Kevin:
    Unfortunately I don’t have them. Maybe on some website you can download a SRT file with english subtitles. Who knows!

  10. Kevin Kevin

    Can anybody send me the Dialogue of Dombivali Fast?

    • Hi Kevin, like I stated above, I don’t have the dialogs but someone else has them they can ask me for your email address.

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