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Feeling hot hot hot

Boy this [tag]summer[/tag] is hot (I am talking about the [tag]temperature[/tag] now)!

A street dog relaxing under a taxi. Gateway of India, Mumbai, October 2006

[tag]Toronto[/tag] is currently suffering under a relentless [tag]heat[/tag] wave. I was reading this and this and started feeling worse.

Look at the numbers right now (source):
Temperature: 32°C, Feels like 37°C
Wind: North 7kmph
Relative humidity: 96%
Visibility: 18.5km
UV Index: 9

In the past week, daytime temperatures have risen to 42°C (feels like). Its crazy. Look at the wind speed, its as good as nothing. Look at the UV (Ultra Violet) Index, 9 is alarmingly high. No wonder everyone is being warned to be careful. Add to that the fact that days are longer – dawn breaks before 6 am and the day ends after 9pm.

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  1. u r saying abt heat to me? I live in a city where the average temp in summer is 105 F :”( , the only saving grace is every thing is air-conditioned.

  2. Maverick:
    wooww! So its AC all day for you else,
    we’ll get maverick toast 😉

  3. same here..((
    for 2 months now..)

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