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schöne Tag

Mahendra, who has been very unquiet since the day he was born on the net, tagged me today.

I have to write eight random facts about me:

eins. I am a morning guy and I cannot sleep for more than 5 hours.

zwei. I hate curves. I prefer straight lines and sharp edges most of the times (except obvious exceptions).

drei. I believe that rules are meant to be followed.

vier. In next 10 years, I intend to travel to 10 different countries (Note: EU is not considered as one country).

fünf. I love technology but I don’t like my cellphone to do things other than making phone calls.

sechs. I don’t find flowers, dogs and little kids “cute”.

sieben. I have a compass built into my brain so directions and maps are my favorites.

acht. Finally, I am an overzealous planner. I macroplan, then microplan, then try to sell it to others.

Done! Damn… I can write fifty more! I’ve already rambled a lot here

Here are the rules of the game:
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 5 people and include their names.

Its hard to find people who have not been tagged already.
Nevertheless, I’m inviting Arbit, Cuckoo, Hans, Maverick and Raunak and to continue this fun. Thanks guys!

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  1. thx for tagging, was confused wat to write next, so will make it my next post 🙂

  2. Not fair! To start with you say you cannot sleep more than 5 hours, while your “About Me” says you sleep 6 hours a day! 🙂 Just kidding!

    You know – except for being a morning guy and intending to travel to 10 countries, everything else is also true about me! So overall – Zehr gut!

  3. Maverick:
    Cool! Lookin forward to read your 8 😉

    ah! You caught me. I guess I should update the ‘About Me’ page to reflect my days as MBA student!

    E-mailed you. Its easy!

  4. […] random facts ….. July 23, 2007 Posted by Maverick in Tagged. trackback Priyank tagged me to write eight random facts about myself. I had done smililar tags, but thesethings never end so here you go, another eight random facts about me. […]

  5. How I envy morning people. It is morning here and I am asleep on my key board. It is only after 20 cups of tea I wake up at around 3 in the evening. And just 5 hours of sleep? More envy coming your way.

  6. Oh no !! I am tagged again. I don’t understand why people love to tag me. 😛
    Priyank, I have already done this tag and many similar tags before but I’ll take it and will try to write some other 8 things about me.
    Thanks but you are in queue. There are many more pending ones. Till then I am hopeful to find something new about me.

    Hmm.. some similarities here.
    Me too a morning person. Just can’t imagine how people can sleep till late.
    No. 5 ..exact match.
    No. 6 .. Ha ha .. so cute !!

  7. Mridula:
    20 cups? hahaha I like that exaggeration. I bet you wake up before others when you are on a trek!

    Hum Qatar mein hai? hehehe.. yeah I know, everyone has already done similar tags before!

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