Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

Harry potter 5 movieJust back from the movie “[tag]Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix[/tag]”, and since now-a-days all I do is write executive summaries, here is one for you: This movie was much much better than the previous “[tag]Harry Potter[/tag] and the Goblet of fire”. Firstly, because it showed the important stuff appropriately, secondly, the pace was right, thirdly, the cast was excellent and finally, the special effects were simply awesome.

Now the detailed movie review.

Casting was simply great. Dolores Umbridge was perfectly bitchy and was immediately ‘hate-able’, particularly her smirk. Luna Lovegood’s weird character was played nicely and she was always shown in a higher contrast than the others, so she really ‘stood out’. I especially loved the way she said “We trust you Harry” apart from her other dialogs. The third character I absolutely loved was Bellatrix Lestrange. In the little part she was shown, she did a remarkable job. Of course, Lord Voldemort, Severus Snape, Harry Potter, [tag]Hermoine[/tag] Granger, Ronald [tag]Weasley[/tag], Ginny and the Weasley brothers were good. Dumbeldore was even worse than he was in part 4. Fortunately, he was kept out most of the times.

HP5 movieThe movie is perfectly paced. I can imagine the challenge the director must have faced to convert the exhaustive book into a two hour twenty minute movie. Compared to the shoddy work in part four (Goblet of Fire), this part was way better.

Special effects are notable. First, when the Weasley twins create havoc using fireworks and second during the final fight between Dumbeldore and [tag]Voldemort[/tag]. The last scenes could perhaps have been longer, but I think the important elements of the fight were appropriately covered.

Harry Potter 5 movieFor those of you who have absolutely no clue about what I am talking, here is a short summary. This Harry Potter and the order of phoenix’ is the fifth movie in J. K. [tag]Rowling[/tag]’s Harry Potter series (seventh book – ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ is due in few days). Anyway, in this book, Harry Potter, a 14 year old wizard boy who survived the attack of Voldemort the dark lord, starts seeing images that Voldemort is planting in his mind. The whole story revolves around a prophecy that Voldemort wants, but cannot get. Meanwhile, in the school where Harry is studying gets a new headmaster Umbridge, a nasty representative of the Ministry of Magic. She imposes restrictions on the school, and Harry along with a bunch of trusted friends forms what he calls ‘Dumbeldore’s Army’, where he teaches his friends ‘defense against dark arts’. In the climax scene, there is a long fight between the dark forces and the rest of the wizards, including an incredible Harry Potter-[tag]Dumbeldore[/tag] vs Voldemort battle.

If you still can’t make sense of what I am saying, I really suggest that you grab a book and read it.

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

  1. I have not been a great fan of Harry potter. However your review prompts me to go watch the movie. Will see..

  2. Hi Priyank, Nice review. I hope its really better than part 4… hahahaha and i agree with Dumbeldore. he is american, silly accent ;)

  3. Ravi:
    abey 25 saal ke bacche, there is a child in every man. tu sirf anar aur fuljhadi chala.

    Yea go watch it! Was it released earlier in US?

    ho, picture sahi aahe! nakki ja :)

  4. sorry priyank…
    review done wonderfully by you but I will still not go see that movie !
    reminds me of your Omkara review! Cudn;t see that either even when you wrote in so detail abt that film.
    just not my types yaar.
    btw, have you seen Chinu Kum as yet?

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