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Hometown from a distance

September 2006, from the [tag]Gavdevi[/tag] Temple at Bhopar Village on the outskirts of my hometown, [tag]Dombivli[/tag]

Dombivli or [tag]Dombivali[/tag] is a suburb of Mumbai on the Central line. It has a population of about 1,193,000 (2001 census, provisional results). It is the first fully literate town in Maharashtra and the second in India. Dombivli is a predominantly Marathi speaking middle class city….

Gavdevi Mandir outside Dombivli

Sunset behind the Parsik hill where the [tag]Mumbra[/tag] devi temple is located. In a few minutes the path to the temple should be illuminated, and it looks like a bright serpant on the hill.
Sunset behind the Mumbra devi hill

The blue-white [tag]Diva – Vasai[/tag] shuttle:
Diva-Vasai shuttle

Finally, a goods train chugging silently:
Goods Train

The main [tag]Mumbai[/tag] suburban rail tracks are not visible in these pictures.

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  1. arbit arbit

    dombivili.. been there when i was small.. just remember having hot jalebis at a shop.. And ofcourse travelling on local trains..

  2. Nice pics, you have a cool site. I liked the picture specially. Thanks for visiting my blog, keep coming

  3. Thanks for your visits to my blog. I will try to give some kind of answer to your question concerning the Paris vineyard.

    I had a quick look on your site and blog. Looks very professional and interesting. I will come back and have a closer look, when I find some more time (soonest)!

  4. Ash Ash

    Dombivli chaanach aahe!!! pan kiti gardi tithe.. aavraa..

  5. Didn’t know about the literacy factor of Dombivli before! I hail from Ghatkopar in Mumbai…

    What I do remember about Dombivli is:
    1. It was as crowded as Ghatkopar
    2. It was the station chosen by that adventurous guy (whose name I don’t recollect – was it Dhananjay something?) to jump off from the Deccan Queen as it was sprinting from Pune to Mumbai…:-)

  6. Ive been to dombivili so often …it doesnt look half as pretty as your pics …but there issomething abt mumbai,no matter what people say

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