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I miss snow

Pictures from my little trip to [tag]Waterloo[/tag]. This place is right outside the University of Waterloo.

Temperatures here have been hovering around 25-30 degree C for past few days. It’s quite hot and sticky. Plus the UV index here is higher than that in Mumbai. So I get a sunburn instantly. The cold winter was brutal, nevertheless, I miss [tag]snow[/tag]…

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  1. nay nay i dont want snow yet dude.

  2. Shanx Shanx

    what, when did you go to waterloo? London is not far away either. How abt the july long weekend?

  3. Shanx:
    Good idea. Let me work it out 🙂

    I think weather god agrees with you…

    My name is Priyank, not Priyanka
    Glad you liked the photos!

  4. Ash Ash

    hahahaha. that was funny picture!!!

  5. Raji Raji

    I like the kid in you.

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