Niagara Falls – Evening

Picture from my weekend visit to [tag]Niagara Falls[/tag].
Niagara Falls - evening lighting

It was taken at 20:10, sometime after sunset.

12 thoughts on “Niagara Falls – Evening

  1. Hey Priyank,

    I just graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, and am in India for a trip up in the Himalayas (Leh) right now. Went through your blog – some real nice stuff – descriptions and pictures both were awesome!

    by any chance do u go to uni of toronto?

  2. Hi Kevin,
    Niagara Falls is between Canada and US. The falls are split into two segments. The smaller straight one is in US, while the longer horse-shoe shaped is in Canada

    Its better in real life ;)

    Glad you liked it

    Thanks for the message. Have a safe trip. I’m at York University. I’ve already emailed you a reply.

  3. Hi Priyank,

    Beautiful picture – it’s obviously from the Canadian side, right?. Would love to have it in higher resolution!

    I am ashamed to say that in spite of living for two years in Detroit – just across the border to Canada – I never visited Niagara.

  4. Mahendra:
    I know what you mean, we always miss the tourist place near us!
    Don’t ask me how many times I visited Gateway of India inspite of spending abt 20 years in Mumbai!

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